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    NUC6i5SYK - Bluetooth AD2P stop working on both ubuntu & windows 10 even in a LiveCD. Weird HW bug




      I got a strange bug with my NUC6i5SYK, my bluetooth headset stop working in ad2p mode (stereo mode). but still working in hand free mode.


      It sounds like a software problem or headset but no. I disabled the build-in bluetooth then add a bluetooth dongle then windows & ubuntu are working again with AD2P.

      the headset is detected and visible by windows/ubuntu but no sound. just from time to time a big buzz.


      btw the wifi keeps disconnect randomly. The signal is strong and my phone is on the same wifi works with no problem. So I gotta use Ethernet


      My BIOS has been updated to the latest one and I use the default settings.


      it is a known bug or is a hardware failure ? Please help me !


      my configuration :



      Samsung 850 EVO

      SSD scandisk

      2x8G HyperX