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    load cell interfacing problem - urgent requirement of reply


      hello everyone...



      This is Maithresh....i have been facing with interfacing problems of intel galileo gen2 board with the load cell....!! im using a Hx711 load cell amplifier circuit but yet i dont get any response from the galileo when i upload a program to it....whereas the same program works on the arduino uno r3 ...i dont knw what to do...ill show u the pics below about how i have done it.....im using czl601 load cell which measures about 40kgs....plzz do reply fast...itz urgent...i have already asked this before but those tutorials were helpless as there was no result from them...it works good on arduino ur3 but not on intel galileo gen 2...WP_20160226_14_23_41_Pro.jpgWP_20160226_14_23_51_Pro.jpgWP_20160226_14_24_01_Pro.jpgWP_20160226_14_24_17_Pro.jpg

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          Hi maithu1104,


          I've checked the sketch you attached, it uses the HX711.h library. It seems that this library has been written based on the AVR architecture, that's the reason why it works with the Arduino UNO, but when you try to use it with Galileo, it just doesn't work.


          I recommend you to try to write your own version of the library so you can use it with your Galileo. Sometimes, a library that works with Arduino UNO doesn't work on Galileo because the architectures are different. You have to port the library in order to be used with the device you want.


          In order to port the library, I recommend you to full understand how your sensor works. If you understand it, you will be able to write a library to interface it with Galileo.