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    New NUC: Recommended BIOS version?


      I'm on second NUC after the first died with repeated WHEA errors. The new NUC is a recent build (from memory FEB 2016) and has come with BIOS 028 installed.  After 3 days, it's still working.


      Since I prefer to believe Intel doesn't sell something that dies straight out of the box, my inclination is to leave 028 alone and not change any settings at all.  But as far as I can tell the advice has been conflicting.  On one hand I’ve read if it's not broke don't upgrade, on the other I've read it should be upgraded to 036 regardless.


      Do we have a consensus (or even an Intel recommendation): Leave alone, or upgrade to 036, or does it just not make any difference?


      (My config: NUC6i5SYK, 2x8GB HyperX Impact 2133MHz DDR4, 256GB Samsung 950 Pro, Windows 10 Home)

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          My 6i5SYH shipped with 0028. During the first week just by luck I happened to be moving the unit and noticed it overheating (this was after a Windows update, although that might simply be a coincidence). The fan wasn’t operating. I rebooted and the fan started and quickly cooled the unit down. I suspect that if (1) the room hadn’t been cool, (2) the cpu had been under heavy load or (3) I didn’t just happen to touch it, it would have fried. I stuck with 0028 for about three weeks, checking the unit every half hour to make certain it wasn’t again overheating, and never found it doing so. A couple of days ago I got some critical projects out of the way and decided it was time to try updating to 0036. I used a blank USB3 thumb drive with the bio file on it and the F7 method.  The update went smoothly. The fan is definitely more aggressive with 0036, but still basically silent.  So far, no problems with 0036. My advice is to update to 0036. BIOS0028, under certain conditions (I have no idea what they are), will definitely lead to overheating and if you don't catch it in time your NUC's toast.


          32GB g.skill ram

          Samsung 850 500GB SSD

          2TB HDD

          Windows 10 Pro

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            Intel Corporation
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            Hello, All:

            Thank you for the feedback provided regarding this.

            As of now, we have seen people who hasn't encountered with issues after updating to the BIOS version 0036.

            Esteban C

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              The First NUC on 0028 entered the WHEA/MCE loop after two weeks, updated to 0033 (then current) but issues didn't go away. Hence RMA.

              The Second NUC on 0028 died after running fine for less than a week where it had a few crashes in Ubuntu but ran fine with Windows No WHEA this time. Again RMA.

              In the latter case I suspect that the fan stopped while I wasn't watching and so perhaps something fried.

              Just speculating, a possible root cause for that supposedly fan stop may or might have been that I changed the cooling settings in the BIOS to a more aggressive profile.


              The Third NUC has been running great for 10 days now on 0028. I have been monitoring the fan and the CPU temperatures closely and saw no anomalies.

              To avoid NUC3 dying while I'm doing groceries shopping, I decided today to update to 0036 as it "increases the reliability of the heat sink fan".

              The difference I noticed in hwmonitor  between 0028 and 0036 is TDW (power) of the package at idle, decreased from around 2.40W to 1.60W on average, I think that is significant and helps keep the overall temperatures down. I've seen not much change in fan speeds though.

              I'll test this later under load and compare with the figures I saved from when the NUC was on 0028.

              BIOS 0036 will not fix the WHEA I guess, but perhaps it helps a little bit to prevent them from happening, while hoping in the mean time that Intel comes up with a WHEA solutions for those who have them.

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                Unfortunately Esteban is incorrect - there is 1 user on the other whea thread that has had the error from a fresh unit installed with 036.

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                  Yes, it's me.

                  When I was finding WiFi driver on the Intel site, I found that BIOS update, and I just didn't see that warning "Update the BIOS on your computer only if the newer BIOS version specifically solves a problem you have." and downloaded the exe to update it. After that I saw the warning and just regretted, but it says "Downgrading the BIOS to an earlier version is not recommended", so I just leaved it that way.

                  Anyway, it bricked after 8 days with the WHEA error.

                  I enabled the "Ready Mode Technology" and let the machine get into that mode at night, so technically it ran 7*24. Despite that, I hadn't put too much stress on it.

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                    As we see here, no BIOS solved WHEA issue. But BIOS 0033 and 0036 solved FAN STOP issue. I cteated new thread regarding Kingston HyperX, if users are happy after changing RAM, but it looks no. They received WHEA also with HyperX modules.

                    I still have no problem, few days ago I upgraded to 0036. But the fact is that I have 6i3 and 2x4GB HyperX....I don't know....maybe only 4GB Kinstones are ok.....or maybe I have ticking bomb too :-) Anyway if I receive WHEA, I give NUC to the shop (no problem in this shop) , they give me money back and I buy NUC5i3 with DDR3

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                      Intel Corporation
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                      Hello, All:

                      I would like to know, have you tested the behavior of your units with the BIOS version 0042?: https://downloadcenter.intel.com/download/25913/BIOS-Update-SYSKLi35-86A-?product=89190

                      I look forward to your outcome with this.

                      Esteban C

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                        Intel Corporation
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                        Hello All,
                        Please, let me know your experience with the latest BIOS version for 6th gen NUCs.
                        Mike C

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                          Intel Corporation
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                          Hello, All:

                          Thought I would just check in and find out the behavior of your NUCs after installing the latest BIOS version available (0042 as of 4/26/2016)
                          Link: https://downloadcenter.intel.com/download/25913/BIOS-Update-SYSKLi35-86A-?product=89190

                          BIOS update instructions: http://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/support/boards-and-kits/000005636.html

                          I look forward to hearing from you.

                          Esteban C

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                            Hello Intel, here's my feedback:


                            My NUC6i5SYH Feb 2016 has been running very stable and without a problem or a glitch since I received it 21 of February. 2 previous units died.

                            Went from BIOS 0028 to 0036 after a week; then to 0039 a few days after that got out, and finally 0042 5 days after that was released.

                            I stopped losing sleep over my NUC.

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                              Hello, hegenious:


                              I am glad to hear this is working properly for you.


                              If any additional questions or inquiries are present, feel free to contact us back.



                              Esteban C