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This poll was archived on Mar 4, 2015.

Which type of RAID interests you the most?

Hey guys,


I've had some interesting discussions within the folks at Intel about all the different types of RAID (0,1,5,10)... I noticed that we were evenly split between RAID 0 and RAID 10. I was a minority with RAID 5 being the preferred choice (I like being able to use n-1 drives, performance was not much of an issue for me)... I'd like to know If you had 4x 480GB Intel SSD's in your possession, what type of RAID would you implement? Assume you do not have a hardware RAID card.

Poll Results
  • 4 drive RAID 0 (45%)
  • 4 drive RAID 5 (18%)
  • 4 drive RAID 10 (18%)
  • RAID 1 (no one should pick this, since RAID 1 is a 2x drive configuration) (9%)
  • No RAID! I prefer JBOD! (9%)


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