I am using NUC5CPYH with Windows 8.1 and the latest Intel graphic driver, but it cannot passthrough DTS-HD and Dolby TrueHD audio via HDMI to my AV receiver on any programs.   So, are there any ways…
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I have a nuc d54250wyk. It is connected directly to my Samsung tv ua55hu7000 via hdmi which provides the graphics and audio.   The nuc is used as a HTPC   I leave the nuc on permanently but turn…
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I've noticed this error for each core and I have already update the BIOS to the most recent version. How come the processor's are being limited and how can I fix that?
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After reading the multiple reviews of how good these NUCs are as media players I decided to try for myself.   My current setup is IB based, WIN7x64 + WMC (for TV) + MPC-HC(x64, madVr) as external…
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This update addresses several previously found issues. Please see the Release Notes excerpt below for details. As always, feedback is appreciated.     The has been posted to Intel…
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Hi   I have just bought my first Intel NUC the NUC5I3RYK to be specific. But i have unfortunately found out that the ir receiver aren't working out of the box. I have tried with Openelec 5.0.   I…
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