Can i download a recovery software to sort out this problem,this came about when updating to windows 10.
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hi i want to install one 6 tb drive in my pc and i dont know if the m/b support the drive pc specs os : win 10 pro 64 cpu: i7 3770 m/b: intel dz77ga-70k ram: 32gb kingston 1600 4 dimm 8gb…
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I have a dg45id board and I try to install windows8 x64 with UEFI mode with Intel's last official BIOS.   In the BIOS, I turn on the UEFI boot and I try to perfect CD from a ISO file that is match…
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I bought a new star wars special edition computer on the 5th of November and immediately had this error start popping up on the screen from the right just above the time area the first day I got it.…
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Hi there, I have an ASUS laptop, S301L, intel core i5 4200 with AMD radeon HD8530M. The original OS was windows 8, then upgraded to 10. I've recently changed the HD with an SSD Kingstone…
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Our device with i7-4650U processor. In Windows XP with SP3, running Microsoft Windows "Setup.exe" Installation. When the Setup is in progress "Software Installation" security dialog will popup to…
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I have two machines which have IRST installed, they are different versions. ( & enterprise I am about to upgrade my machines to Windows 10 but remember the problems I had…
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Hi all,   I have a Surface Pro 3 with Intel HD 5000 and a Dell P2715Q external 4K monitor. I have recently upgraded from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 (full release, not beta).   In order to use 4K…
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Screen scaling In Intel HD Graphics Control Panel is not working. It means that there is no option to scale down the desktop image in full HD rez 1080p to fit in 50+" TV. Strangely the same…
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Hello   I am currently running the following system:   i7-6700 Motherboard Asus Z170-P Ram 4x4GB G.Skill Ripjaws 4 F4-3000C15Q-16GRK Windows 7 64bit Intel Graphics HD 530 with driver version…
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Just another bump / request for HD Audio (Dolby TrueHD, etc) passthrough to be enabled in drivers.  According to this thread:   N3150/N3700 HD Audio Passthrough   ... the processors were designed…
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