I can't access various options on the intel HD control panel cause it has some issues.I'm using an Intel HD 4400 along with a GT 840m GPU. This is how it looks like: Also when i click on the…
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I am new to this and need help I uninstall my intel installation framework graphics driver by mistake please tell me what to do,  I tried to cancel but it was to late
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So I have a home theater setup basically I am trying to pass 5.1 surround sound from my pc to my receiver.   My setup is: [PC]===HDMI=== [TV] ===OPTICAL===[RECEIVER] === [Speakers]   PC info:…
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When a computer with Intel HD Graphics is connected to my bedroom television (LCD 1920x1080p) via HDMI, the Windows display settings are automatically changed to the "Larger" settings. The screenshot…
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High!   I'm interested in NUC5i3MYHE. In the manual i can see there the High Speed Custom Solutions connector (PCIe* x4, SATA). What is it for? What I'm able to connect there and how to? I know…
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I am using Intel serverboard S1200v3rps which is having two ethernet ports. Network uptime is of critical importance and I want to minimise network downtime. Currently, I have connection from a…
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My HTPC (Asus H87M-E with Intel i3-4130) is combined with a Denon AVR3313 and a Samsung TV (all connections HDMI). In the past I could play 5.1 channel sound with this system. But starting some…
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I was able to find the T.sub.Case for the Intel i3 530, but not the T.sub.j Max. Where would I find the T.sub.j Max?   Where would I find the T.sub.j Max?   Thanks!   Joe
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I have a couple of questions about the Intel Atom Z3735G.   1. In the data sheet, it says that the Tjunction max is at 105*C. Does this mean that the Chip will shut down to prevent damage at this…
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Hi I’m new to this this forum and I have a NUC question I hope someone know the answer to. Sorry for my bad use of the English language, I’m not native English speaker.   I have a NUC DN2820FYKH…
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mac rho
Just took deivery of my NUC5i5RYK and installed Windows 8.1 update on it. My HDMI port works fine, however, when I boot connected to my TV [Panasonic AX800u] I'm able to see the BIOS and interact…
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