If I go to, I see that "Z68, Z87, Q87, H87, Z77, Q77, H77 Express" chipsets support Smart Response Technology. But if I download the SRT User…
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Hello,   I have a strange bug with the last 3 or 4 drivers with Intel 4600 from a Intel Core i5-4590T CPU (Win7x64).   I connect the HDMI-out to a 4k TV, but I only want 2k (1920x1080 60Hz)…
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HM76 Chipset sata controller series 7  is not giving me 2 6Gbps sata3     The intel site says the HM76 chipset should give me 2 6Gbps storage devices.   I hooked up 2 M550 ssd drives on  my PC and…
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Dear All   Can somebody share the BIOS setting or explanation for D54250?   I believe most of the problem raised out, due to the unfriendly BIOS setting or we are unfamiliar with it.   A PDF copy…
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Hi everyone I have a Sony vaio with intel HM76 is it possible to upgrade from a i5 2450m to either a 2nd gen i7 or even better 3rd gen i7, according to intel the hm76 supports both 2nd and 3rd gen…
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Re i7-4770 3.4 GHz   New machine, lots of bloatware etc. Updating drivers.   Went to download center and downloaded recommended graphics driver from here Intel® Download Center   BSOD reboot close…
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I cannot install graphics media acceleration drivers on my mother board .it shows a message saying"this computer does not meet minimum system requirements ",when I tried to install drivers from CD.I…
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I am currently developing an embedded system using a D33217CK board. I have a 5" capacitive touch LCD screen that I would like to power from the +5volt supply of the front panel header connector.…
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Friends, I have a problem with Screen mirroring between Samsung LED 32" (VER:2131) and notebook Dell Latitude 3450. I tried some drivers and no success. I tried access connected in wireless and Wifi…
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     I have just started my first build. I have everything set up and plugged in, but when I attempt to boot I get three beeps. From what I have read this is a RAM issue. I have followed the…
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successfully turned up new win 8 PC using Samsung 27" TV as monitor via HDMI.  Tried to hook up new PC to 42" Panasonic Plasma TV via HDMI and it will not boot up?  How do I make PC recognize TV??
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