Hello,   I am Sam from calcutta, india. After using Core i7 920 1st gen for nearly 6yrs, now I need to replace both processor and motherboard of my desktop. My old i7 920 used to generate much heat…
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Hi I'm looking for a "thin mini-itx" with bios that supports the new cpu 5775c. The few thin with lga1150 that I've found don't support it in this moment, but I've not looked for well perhaps. Any…
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Hello, I wanted to make several profile and tune turbo boost power max for saving battery or high performance. However, XTU doesn't display 'Processor Frequency', while there is no problem on…
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I just receive a CPU from my friends. However, he already lost the invoice and box. My question is, how can I get the protection of my CPU? Thank you.
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I am using a Thinkpad X200 tablet computer which has a Mobile Intel (R) 4 Series Express Chipset (GM45). Since Intel only provide the graphics driver up to Windows 7, I cannot use the driver on…
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Hi all... For some reason the driver update utility is not launching when prompted... The installation went fine with no error messages... I tried to uninstall and reinstall and still the same....…
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Simcity 4 Directx mode won't work because the game's graphics card compatibility list (Graphics Rules.sgr) requires a hex string to add a new entry as per this guide, which Intel graphics P4600…
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Hi, I have a problem with the driver installation after updating to Windows 10. My card is Intel Core i5 460M. My second monitor is not detected as well as there is an file opening problem in…
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So I recently updated to Windows 10 and wanted to run Minecraft; but it won't let me run it because I need to update my graphics driver. So I went to the Intel website and downloaded the most recent…
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If you go to Intel's driver update area for the NUC D54250WYK and select "Windows 8.1, 64-bit" it will list the latest version as: "Graphics: Intel HD Graphics Driver for Intel NUC" (8/6/2015)…
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Are there any open issues with the intel Hd 4600 in which it will not make some HDMI monitors go into standby mode when putting the computer to sleep? I don't have this problem with my graphics card…
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