I have been checking for my Windows 10 upgrade since it was offered on July 27. I have a Dell Inspiron desktop with 8.1 installed and 8 gigs RAM. I keep getting the message "Critical hardware…
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Earlier, I reported an invalid DIMM population error with my S2600CP4 server board here. Now that I have the REG ECC DIMMS on-hand, I'm having a different issue.   I'm now getting the following…
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Hi folks:   I was going to upgrade my S2600CWTS board to Bios R01.01.00009 which was release a few weeks ago, but in the section marked "IMPORTANT NOTICE" point #5 says this:   5. BIOS R01.01.0009…
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If there anyone can help me ?
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awful intel , pcn said their biz center no longer responses to w2600cr issues , so i m looking for "geeks" tips here . well what do its internal video cable and miniSAS cable look like ? are there…
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Dear Community,   we are a little but professional Server Manufacturer in Berlin, Germany ( http://servermeile.com/ ) that specialised on Intel Server. So we have verry often to Update Server…
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Hi everybody,   I have a problem with my SC5650WS chassis with S5520SC board. SELVIEW seems to freeze at loading the IPMI drivers when starting through the EFI shell. I am also unable to start…
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  this is the error I get on the S2600WT2 - running the latest BIOS/FW stack as of 6/25/15   I can mount ISO no problem, and IMG, but having issues seeing the USB drive connected to my local PC…
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I ordered: A new S5000PSL SASR specifically the E11025-302 revision for Xeon 5400 support Two Xeon L5410 SLBBS 2.33GHz processors. Four sticks of 2GB 667 DDR2 MT36HTF51272FY-667E1D4   I Have…
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I was wondering if it is possible to mount images without use jloader.   I use mostly a setup that has no X running; which makes impossible for me to run the web interface and load the remote KVM.  …
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can anyone tell me it the E3-1246 V3 is compatible with the P4304BTLSFCNR server system?
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