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    Install RAID on existing system - second controller


      I want to enable RAID on a computer already set up. From the posts I've read on this topic, it is very difficult, if not imposible to do that without reinstalling Windows.


      However, my computer has two HD controllers, my OS is on one and the RAID would be on the other. I'm hoping this makes the process simpler. Does it?

      Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3P MB

      - Intel ICH9R Controller (target for RAID) currently in normal (non-raid, non-AHCI mode)
         This is where I intend to place 3 500 HG SATA 3 gb/s drives

      - Gigabyte Advanced SATA controller (AHCI mode enabled, host of the WinXP drive - no change anticipated)
         This is where there is currently a single 250 gb HD that will remain untouched


      Can I install the drivers normally installed with the F6 installation on the existing OS without reinstalling it?  If I remove the drivers for the ICH9R controller, enable RAID in bois and then reboot, will Windows detect the new controller and install the needed drivers?