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    could not get kvm to work



      We have tried a few different software like Radmin and Intel Manageability Toolkit, but still can not get kvm to work so we can change BIOS setting remotely.

      We could not use radmin to access the system BIOS and instead got “AMT  network error”. However radmin was able to power cycle the machine. 

      The  machine has a separate  ATI graphic card in addition to the VGA  embedded on the mother board. 
      From Dell's Optiplex 980 manual, it indicated "KVM is supported only  with integrated graphics CPU. The system should be in the integrated  graphics mode".  Is there a way to work around it?
      We need to use higher quality add-on video card in stead of the integrated one.
      Can we change to vga mode from the bios using the serial access? If so,  we might be able to put it in vga mode and then gain easier access via  kvm

      please help.