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    DX58SO random crashes (BSOD) + no post or video after the event


      Since i built up my system on this board, a lot of issues started to pop out. I got the following config:


      - Core i7 920 - no overclock

      - DX58SO AAE29331-503

      - 5390 BIOS Revision (SOX5810J.86A.5390.2010.0614.1053, 6/14/2010)

      - 8 GB RAM modules

      - XFX Radeon HD 4890 1GB

      - 2x 750GB Samsung 7200RPM disks in RAID 0

      - Corsair TX-750w PSU

      - CPU, frontal, back and side chassi fans

      - Windows 7 x64 OS

      - Stock BIOS settings, voltages, etc


      First of all, my PC is only able to boot when i have the PSU power off for about 3 hours and the fans are blowing with cool wind. When i start the CPU, i'll logon the system, then if I use the PC to copy lenghty files or burn a DVD ou anything related to expensive I/O, i'll get a BSOD with Windows reporting a failure on iastor.sys driver. The problem will also show up if i'm gaming and copying a batch of small files at the same time - either between the drives or from NIC.


      Actually, i can't get my system to be "stable" for more than a couple hours without crashing. And every time it crashes from a file copy, when it restarts, the disk will take a long time to activate and my RAID will be fail to mount. So i'll have to power off, wait a while and turn on again to restore it.


      Other times, if i just restart the system (warm boot or cold boot - no matter what), it will not show any post or video anymore. So i reset the machine, power it off again and it show this repeated "unsuccessfull post attempts", asking me to either enter BIOS (pressing Y) or try to boot again using the same settings (pressing N). Regardless of wich action i'll take, after either entering the BIOS and changing settings or just pressing "N" to continue, the PC will shut down for a few seconds and power on again, still showing no post or video and no beeps. So i can spend all my afternoon turning the PC on/off and i'll never be able to boot - only presenting this annoying message repeatedly.


      The only wait to boot again after a failure like this is to wait for about 20 minutes to 3 hours with the PSU off and trying again.


      This is absurdely frustrating, as i had spent now about 1 month trying to figure out what to do. I had taken almost all suggestions from this forums, including:


      - Disabling RAID, enabling IDE;

      - Disconnecting disks;

      - Disconnecting Aux PCIe power sources (alternating between the Molex and SATA cables, no AUX, both connected, etc);

      - Removing RAM modules and trying each one at a time;

      - Changing Video board to a "less energy-hungry" one

      - Changing the PSU

      - Changing memory profiles in BIOS

      - Updating BIOS to the latest version


      When i'm on the unsuccessfull post attempt "hell", absolutelly NOTHING will make my machine start again if i do not let it powered off for less than 20 minutes. And when i'm able to actually use it, it will only work for a couple of hours before another BSOD and "no post" failures again.


      All my temperature readings are normal (Intel's monitors are all in green zones on windows, even when i run heavy games).


      I already managed to RMA the board once (it was very difficult since i bought the board on MercadoLivre - and ebay-like community in Brazil), but Intel seemed to ignore this problem, because they returned me the SAME repacked board again - after waiting for more than 2 months for an answer, prolly speculating this is not a board issue. But i already tested ALL components in other machines and it all seemed to work just fine and even if i discard all other components (even using other PSUs) the machine won't post anyway.


      I'm already getting crazy from this s***t and don't know what to do anymore. For me, it was the most expensive piece of c**p I bought in my life, because in almost 20 years dealing with PCs and technology, i never had spent so much money on a "top" technology that cannot even boot when it needs to. Since this booting issues seems to be a "common" problem on intel's boards, i was hopping they'd provide any kind of official solution, but this is not the case.


      So, any new ideas and experiences would be very helpfull.


      PS: Sorry about the final ranting. And sorry any english mistakes, cause i actually speak portugueese.



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          Sure sounds like an over-heating issue to me. Good thermal paste between heatsink and CPU? Have you been able to verify whether that CPU works on a different board? Did you try some different BIOS versions besides just the latest? Just some thoughts off the top of my head. Sounds like you have covered everything else pretty good. And your English is better than some of us who have spoken it all our lives!

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            Can you please give the specific model and details of your ram?

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              Hi Boyet and galbicka. I'm currently running with 3x Markvision PC10600 DDR3 1333Mhz.


              I think it's a miracle, but after all these days trying to tweak the hardware, test components itself, and even RMA the board, i think i did something that actually worked for good.


              I learned today that i7 920 will only support memory on frequencies up to 1066MHz, but that's weird, because every seller here at MercadoLivre ships boards with these 1333MHz sticks and do not have frequent complains about this. The FSB was supposed to "downclock" the memory to fit the processor if you leave all configs on Auto, so i decided to tweak the memory timing settings manually while i was experiencing one of those "unable do post" endless cycles.


              First i adjusted the memory voltage down from 1.54V (Intel's factory default) to 1.50V and then 8x to the multiplier down from 10x. Surprize, it posted! But it only worked when i set up the 2 configs at once. It'll not boot only if i adjust the timing or the voltage alone. But then, the system became greatly unstable (most of the times i couldn't even boot Windows before getting a BSOD), and boot recovery did nothing.


              So i tweaked a bit more on memory timmings, and then it just stabilized formidably. This are the settings i'm currently using now:

              tCL: 8    tRCD: 8    tRP: 8    tRAS: 24   tWR: 8   tRFC: 74   tRRD: 4   tWRT: 5    tRTP: 5   

              Uncore Multiplier: 16

              DDR Multiplier: 8

              Memory Voltage 1.5V

              Command Rate: 2


              The funny thing is that i never before had downsized the memory voltage to get it more stable (99% of the time it would get more unstable instead... hehe).


              But now i runned a whole load of tests to see if this stability persists - like copying 100GB of data while listening to MP3 and playing hardcore games, doing reboots in every way, turned on/off several times and it seems to be all good up to now.


              I'll leave this post here as a reference of my experience, since i did not find anything more suitable over the Internet until now and maybe this info will help other people with the same issues. If i'll experience problems again i'll return to report on this post.


              Thanks you all for your time and answers.



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                I could not find that ram that you said you use. Anyway you already have solve your problem which I am about to point out after I have the specifics of your ram. For testing your system for stability try running prime95.