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        ok, I removed the software and drivers for WiDi again and tried to reinstall in safe mode.  Microsoft installer, however, does not work in safe mode so that didn't work.  I then reinstalled them in normal mode - and same problems as before.  Any other suggestions?

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          Currently the only solution is to do a system restore to the original and do not do any updates from microsoft.  That is it.

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            It looks like the problem can be solved without restoring!!!!


            I too experienced the same issue that many here have reported.


            I purchased the Toshiba E205 in February a few weeks after it came out. Unlike the folks who reported problems as early as April, my WiDi didn't break until June. Because I work for Best Buy, I immediately contacted the Best Buy Twelpforce because the E205 like the Sony and the Dell Studio 15Z are part of BBY's "Blue Label" premium laptop line. Knowing that the WiDi was exclusive to these laptops, I knew that BBY would have a stake in helping resolve the issue beyond having a Geek Squad agent say "Restore the computer." Restoring the computer was not a solution.


            I subsequently contacted both Toshiba and Intel as well. Last week, I got a phone from James at Toshiba to tell me that they had gotten new drivers from Intel, but they were waiting for Microsoft to sign the drivers. He said he'd be in touch as soon as they had the signed drivers from Microsoft.


            This morning, I had an email in my inbox from James directing me to a website called WeTransfer. I couldn't download the zip file right away because I was working, but I did download it tonight.


            First time I tried installing the two files without uninstalling the old driver and old Intel ProSet Wireless software. Didn't work.


            The second time, I uninstalled them old files first and then installed the new ones. SUCCESS!!!!


            The WiDi is working again, good as new WITHOUT DOING A SYSTEM RESTORE!!!!!


            So, the problem can in fact be solved without a restore. Intel and Toshiba just needed to work together to get the problem resolved.


            I'd be happy to answer any questions anyone has.



            Joe Piechowski

            Thousand Oaks, CA

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              Assuming what you say is correct Joe, I'm interested in determining why Intel has not posted any new updates yet, and why you haven't provided necessary information to find the the drivers?

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                Well, I certainly can't speak for Intel. I can tell you that when I called Intel, the Level 1 Tech had me uninstall and reinstall the software and the drivers and when that failed he told me that he would have to escalate my call to Level 3 Support.


                I was shocked that he skipped right over Level 2 to Level 3. That said, he didn't transfer me to Level 3, just passed the info along.


                To date, I still have never heard back from Intel.


                The only thing I can think of is that Intel is working with the manufacturers to deliver the new drivers.


                I didn't post a location because the drivers were sent directly to me using WeTransfer and, frankly, I'm trying to be responsible. The drivers were sent to be by Toshiba. I will not pretend to know whether they will work with any other brand like Sony or Dell because there has not been an explanation as to what caused the WiDi to break in the first place. Contrary to popular opinion, I do not believe that it was a Windows Update because, while it broke for some folks in April, mine didn't break until June despite having Windows Updates turned on and downloading them when immediately available. The time lag would seem to imply it was something else.


                Since I don't know if there are differences between the drivers for different computers, I'm not inclined to share them with everyone as the wrong driver could make things worse.


                I will be happy to share them with fellow Toshiba E205 owners, although anyone who contacted Toshiba will probably hear from them soon if they haven't already.


                I will tell you that the version number of the new driver is 13.3.024 and the version number of the Intel ProSet Wireless software is

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                  The drivers are good for all computers.  They are just new intel drivers which everyone here has been waiting for.  Hopefully they will be posted soon by intel.  Glad to know they got the new drivers out to solve this problem.

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                    Alright, well, after thinking about this all day, I've decided to post the link which was sent to me by Toshiba.


                    I don't know how long it will be up or what. And, I take no responsibility for it if it causes any problems for you.


                    I simply know that I couldn't connect the WiDi with the E205 two days ago and I can now.....but you use it at your own risk. Due to the length of the file name, I'm using bit.ly to shorten the link.




                    I hope it helps folks out.




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                      BTW, those are signed drivers, not unsigned ones.

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                        Thank you for the files.  Up and running now!  Had no problems installing.

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                          Thank you Joe.  I installed the updates on my Dell Studio 1569 and My WiFi Technology and Intel Wireless Display are now working beautifully.  As a clarification, the files Joe posted are updates to the Intel wireless card and graphics software.  Here is what I did:  In the device manager, I disabled and then uninstalled the drivers for Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6200 AGN and Intel Wireless Display (to get to this one you need to click on "show hidden devices".  I then went to ADD/REMOVE programs and removed Intel PROSet/Wireless WiFi Software and Intel Wireless Display.  Be sure to reboot your computer after each uninstall and after each remove.


                          I then unzipped the files I downloaded from Joe.  There are two of them.  The one ending in 500 is the WiFi Driver.  On my system, it unzipped the file into a temp file. After finding it, I clicked on the "setup" file and it reinstalled the new drivers for the WiFi card.  I then unzipped the file ending in 600, which are for the graphics.  Same thing here - it unzipped into a temp file.  Find the setup file, click it and it installs.  Next, reboot your computer, then reinstall the software for Intel Wireless Display - can be found on NetGear's site.  After reinstalling, I rebooted and everything is now working fine.


                          Thanks again Joe.  And Dell, you should be ashamed.  I had three of your technicians (Level One and two Level Three techs)  working remotely on my system at different times, and none were able to address the issue - MOST IMPORTANTLY, I AM STILL WAITING FOR RETURN PHONE CALLS THAT WERE PROMISED.  I like your computers, but your customer service is absolutely worthless!

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                            This is actually Intels work.  They did the drivers.  Now if I could figure out to get the hot buttons to work again.

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                              OK i can confirm.....this works...........finally............thanks for the drivers...........

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                                Is the adapter working after sleep mode?

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                                  There is a patch for Toshiba laptops you need to download to get the button to work again. The patch is available on the Intel website at:



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                                    So my issue has been that My Wifi is disabling all of my wireless devices (mainly internet) when I work in my office and shut the door.  Because I don't connect to any other devices using My Wifi, can I just disable that from starting and connect using Intel Pro-Set Wireless?  Would I have any loss in performance there?

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