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    Intel Wireless Display - Netgear Push2Tv dropouts


      I'm facing consistent trouble with Intel Wireless Display with the Netgear Pust2TV box with my Sony VAIO with the Intel 6200AGN.


      When watching a video through Windows Media Player, the picture and sound will freeze ever few minutes (< 5mins).  The dropouts tend to last for 2-5 seconds before the box re-syncs with the computer. 


      When just listening to audio with Winamp, the dropouts are more frequent surprisingly.  I consistently see dropouts in audio at least every minute or so.  These dropouts last for 1-2 seconds.


      I'm running all the latest software and firmware; Wireless Display:,  Driver:, Firmware:


      I'm getting a very solid 56mbps connection, the CPU usage stays well below 20%.  I do have a wireless router, through which the notebook connects to the internet.  I've tried turning it off to no effect.  I've tried adjusting the default wireless channel within My Wifi.



      The only clue I have is that my System Event log is flooded with events coming from NETw5s64 with the following information:

      Event ID: 5002 (mostly, also a few 5005)

      The following information was included with the event:


        Intel(R) Centrino(R) Advanced-N 6200 AGN


      When is say flooded, I mean it.  I see up to 72 events in a one second period when the dropout occurs!  These events only occur while I'm connected to the Push2TV box.  Once I disconnect, the events stop occurring.


      There is a lot of talk on the net about these events, 5002 / 5005 but not much in the way of solutions.


      Any help is appreciated,


      -- Terrence


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          Can you report back to this thread what BIOS version you have on the Sony.


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            Thanks for the response


            My Sony laptop is a VPCS111FM with bios R0280Q3.  This is the stock firmware, there have not yet been any updates from Sony.


            I've have been playing around with this issue some more.  I've had a bit of a breakthrough, sort of.


            I find that if I adjust the Wireless Adapter advanced setting "Wireless Mode" from its default value of "6. 802.11a/b/g" to "2. 802.11b" the problems are partially improved.


            With this setting, I no longer see a flood of messages in the Event Viewer, and correspondily the Wireless Display with the Push2Tv is improved.


            However, when watching a video or listing to music, I encounter frequent audio drop-outs.  The video continues to play.  In these cases I must pause the video and wait for some time before resuming.  These drop outs occur about every 3-4 minutes making Wireless Display frustrating and impractical to use.  Also, connection to my NAS over the wireless is very slow while using Wireless Display; I see transfer rates only around 250Kbs making watching movies / listing to mp3s impossible from the NAS.


            Another prehaps related note, I find that the wireless card is very slow to re-connect to the base station after resuming from Standby.  It takes a good 5 minutes to reconnect.  During this time, the Windows status shows "Connecting" and then "Connecting to the network is taking longer than usual".


            Thanks in advanced for any suggestions.  I desparately wish to make this configruation work.


            -- Terrence

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              Update: I've found that Intel has released updated Wireless Display software with a corresponding firmware update to the Push2TV box. Drivers can be found here:



              The current version is 1.2 with firmware version  This update is not yet available through Sony.


              This update has made a significant improvement to the quality of Wireless Display through the Push2TV box.  I am no longer seeing the freezes and audio drop-outs as reported previously.


              However, I do see the errors in the Event Viewer when the wireless adapter is configured for 802.11a/b/g mode.


              But thankfully the Wireless Display software now seems usable to me.


              If anyone has any ideas on the other issues, your help is appreciated.


              -- Terrence

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                I would like to bump up this issue.  I was too hasty when earlier thinking the problem was fixed.


                I believe there is a correlation between content of videos being watched and the drop-out problems.  In videos with fast action I tend to experience more drop-outs.


                There is a related thread on this issue on the Netgear support site: http://forum1.netgear.com/showthread.php?p=263785


                Netgear released a "critical patch" to Intel's wireless driver with a revision of :


                http://kb.netgear.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/13040and an update to Intel Wireless Display revision :



                Any ideas are very welcome.

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                  I'm getting the same events in my event log (lots of 5002 and a few 5005), but I'm not using Netgear Push2Tv.  My setup is as follows:


                  - Linksys WRT54GL wireless G router with up-to-date DD-WRT firmware

                  - Sony VAIO Z with Intel 6200AGN connected via wireless

                  - Synology DiskStation DS410 connected directly to the router


                  The only time these errors occur is when I'm listening to music or watching video that is stored on the Synology NAS.  I access the files via a mapped network drive.  After a few freezes, the adapter permanently loses its connection to the wireless network and I cannot reconnect.  The only solution is to reboot (logging out does not help).


                  Here's hoping for a solution.  Thanks!

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                    Well I'm a moron.  I assumed my Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6200 AGN wireless adapter driver was up-to-date after trying to update it via the adapter properties.  No new drivers were found.  But then I used the Intel driver update utility and found a new driver, which I installed and now it seems like my problem is resolved.  Sorry for the confusion.