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    DP55KG and eSATA for RAID


      Have a DP55KG board and have question about how to best attach an external RAID enclosure via eSATA.


      The enclosure has its own hardware RAID controller and the unit is supplied with a PCIe adapter card [Highpoint R622 Dual Port Host Adapter, PCIe 2.0 x1]


      According to the information I can find on the Marvell controller, which is the interface to the back panel eSATA port, the controller uses the PCI Express bus for data transfer.


      If I'm able to use the back panel eSATA port to connect the external RAID, which is in some doubt at the moment, what advantages/disadvantages might there be for using the back panel eSATA vice the Highpoint Host Adapter???



      ps  If anyone can shed light on whether or not I may be able to use the back panel eSATA in this fashion I'd like to know.  The enclosure's RAID hardware would be used for RAID support and the back panel eSATA would simply be for the interface to the board.  I think I may be able to configure the Marvell in a 'Raid-Ready' mode to use the back panel eSATA port, but I'm not sure how that might work... or not... The Tech Spec says... 'To use the eSATA ports you must enable RAID support in the BIOS for the Marvell discrete controller...'  A bit confusing to me on what might be needed to configure everything correctly.  Any help would be appreciated

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          When I tried to get this working in Linux, two drives on a thermaltake dock (blackX duet) it (the kernel) said this card does not support the port multiplier function, hence I could only see a single drive on eSATA.  Its weird though because it does see both of them in the BIOS (the Marvell Chipset) but it must not be able to export them as single drives and yes I tried exporting each as JBOD and making them IDE, AHCI, all kinds of stuff for 2-3 days to no avail. I have not tried it with Windows but with Linux I did not have any luck with the latest kernel.