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        The issue is currently being investigated by Intel and a response will be posted soon.



        Intel Customer Support

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          Everyone complaining about this seems fairly proficient... it would be wonderful if Intel (or anyone with competence) could post what the requirements are for the adapter to work... for example "you need 3 adapters, the wireless video uses 2 adapters, here's the driver version that needs to be used, etc."


          At least Intel is doing something.. Toshiba and Best Buy have been COMPLETELY UNRESPONSIVE aside from offering to walk me through a factory restore of my PC.      

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            I've spent some time diagnosing this issue, and all I can say is that I am able to "wake" up the wireless adaptor after a combination of

            - "scan for hardware changes" in device manager

            - reloading the drivers


            - restarting the computer


            The typical scenario is the following:

            1. I am using the wireless connection without a problem, and I close the lid of the laptop, which puts it to sleep

            2. Several hours later, I open up the laptop, and notice the wireless status led is not lit.

            3. I open up device manager, and see that the wireless adaptor has a yellow exclamation point next to it

            4. I "scan for hardware changes" in device manager, and the wireless adaptor goes away

            5. I reload the drivers, and the wireless adaptor does not wake up

            6. I reboot, and the wireless adaptor does not wake up

            7. I wait 10 minutes, and repeat 3) and 4), and the wireless adaptor is "found" as "new hardware"

            8. The wireless adaptor shows up in device manager, but still, the wireless status led is not lit. The intel wireless sotware says I need to enter "FN+F2" to enable the wireless, but yet, nothing changes when I do so

            9. I reboot the laptop, and the wireless adaptor wakes up, and works !


            Pretty annoying, huh???

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              That is good news mmoreno.  Hopefully intel comes up with a determination of what is causing this failure, and a solution.

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                this just started happening to me too about 3 or 4 days ago.  I have a sony vpcs111fm.  the intel wireless display would just conk out and stop me from accessing wifi altogether.  I would restart the computer and it would come back, then it would happen again.  I tried shutting down the intel wireless utility and that helped, but now I just restarted the computer and it's not finding the adaptor.  am looking forward to intel posting a solution to this problem that doesn't start with reseting computers to factory default.




                my thoughts are this - if they can't come up with a workable solution to this problem, I think they should give everyone some money back, including a refund for the netgear push2tv box which becomes useless if they can't solve this.

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                  I purchased a sony vpceb26gm about 3 weeks ago, and have had the same issues as everyone else pretty much from day one (I ran all the windows and sony updates right away, so I'm not sure if those had any effect). My laptop is on/in use 8-12 hours a day, every day, and I have to do the cheap fix of disabling/enabling the network adapter at least 5 times a week, sometimes a few times in a row. I've also noticed that downloading files regularly causes this failure to occur; for example, I just attempted to download the iOS 4.01 update (~500MB) four times in a row, each time failing within 3-4 minutes even after restarting my computer or disabling/enabling (which prompted me to come check this thread for updates). Of course this is fairly frustrating, as I'd rather not have to search for an ethernet connection every time I want to download something using a method other than torrenting.


                  Just wanted to offer some more data about the issue--Intel, I hope you solve the problem soon.

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                    I just bought a Toshiba R705 from Best Buy.  I was excited about this wireless display.  I see it does not work for many people.  I hope it does not take many months for a driver fix.  I tried everything in this tread to get it to work.

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                      I am having the same problem when I upgrade from "Dell Wireless 1397” to "Intel® Centrino® Ultimate-N 6300".  Intel My WiFi Technology shows that 'no supported Intel wireless network adapter was found". I have installed the newest driver downloaded from Intel official website to my Windows 7 Ultimate. In the device manager under network adapters shows the device is working properly. I try to follow the instruction in this post; I tried to switch the three antennas, none of these would fix the problem.

                      And finally I formatted the Windows, and reinstalled a fresh Windows 7 Ultimate OS last night, then install the driver and My WiFi Technology. This time the Wireless adapter works. But I was so disappoint with the N reception. I can only get two bars in N however the G channel increase from 3 bars to full 5 bars.

                      Here are the speed tests of the N 6300:

                      My question is why it doesn’t work in the first time? And why the 5.0 GHz gets less reception and slower speed than the 2.4 GHz at the same range?


                      5.0 GHz Channel (5 times test results in Mb/s)


                      Download Speed: 9.87

                           Upload Speed: 5.09


                      Download Speed: 9.63

                           Upload Speed: 4.52


                      Download Speed: 9.92

                          Upload Speed: 5.11


                      Download Speed: 9.21

                           Upload Speed: 5.11


                      Download Speed: 11.64

                           Upload Speed: 5.13


                      2.4 GHz Channel (6 times test results in Mb/s)


                      Download Speed: 21.92

                           Upload Speed: 5.11


                      Download Speed: 23.39

                           Upload Speed: 5.10


                      Download Speed: 19.77

                           Upload Speed: 5.18


                      Download Speed: 21.01

                           Upload Speed: 5.13


                      Download Speed: 21.15

                           Upload Speed: 5.16


                      Download Speed: 18.54

                           Upload Speed: 5.16

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                        Why is it taking months to come out with a fix for this?

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                          just another update as I have diagnosed it even further ...


                          if I turn off my laptop for several hours such that the wireless led is no longer blinking, AND I then turn it back on, AND then wait for about 10 minutes, AND then reinstall the wireless driver, AND then reboot, the wirelss adaptor turns on and works.

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                            I do not know if this is relevant but I also noticed that the following service "Wireless PAN DHCP Server" is not running on my laptop, and every time I try to start the service I get the following error message:  "Windows could not start the Wireless PAN DHCP Server service on Local Computer.  Error 1067: The process terminated unexpectedly."


                            I hope this helps someone identify a solution.

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                              I am using the latest drivers and it still will not work.  I even tried uninstalling them to start from scratch.

                              Wireless Display Software. release

                              Intel® PROSet/Wireless WiFi Connection Utility for Windows 7 64-Bit* Ver: 64-Bit


                              I am just at a loss of what to do now.  It just will not find the adapter.

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                                Hello Repstein,


                                Which 802.11 network type are you using to connect to your home router? Are you connecting via 5Gz 802.11n? If so, I may have an answer for you. The Intel My WiFi Technology personal area network  which is needed for Intel Wireless Display software, will only work in 2.4 Ghz 802.11b,g or n in the release version you stated. Some routers have a mode where you can set them in 802.11n 5GZ. If you connected to your router (for wireless Internet connection)  in that mode (5GZ 802.11n) and then try  to connect to Intel Wireless display, you may see an error message that tells you that the wireless card is in a mode that does not work with Intel Wireless display. This may be what is preventing you from connecting to the adapter. Recommend to check the connection type (sometimes routers have one Network ID (SSID) for 5Gz connections and another Network ID (SSID) for 2.4Gz connection.  


                                If the above does not solve, here are some other steps:

                                1.) Check to see if Intel My WiFi Technology is Enabled. If Disabled, Enable it. If it is continuously greyed out go to troubleshoot attempt #2 below.

                                2.) Turn off the router if you are connecting to it wirelessly for internet (usually done by unplugging it). Next open Intel Wireless Display software  . Scan for adapters. After connection is achieved successfully, then plug in router.  Recommend to change the wireless channel on the router.

                                3.) If 1 and 2 do not work, let me know and we can discuss some other options. If this works for you please post to the forum.


                                Include details on which PC and wireless card, and router you are using.


                                - Mike

                                Intel Customer Support

                                • 43. Re: Intel my wifi technology: Adapter is not found

                                  I did not see an option to shift it from 5ghz.  Seemed to be running in the 2.4 range.

                                  #1 and 2 failed.  So, I am now doing 3.


                                  Toshiba R705-P25

                                  Linksys/Cisco WRT160Nv2

                                  Centrino Advanced-N 6200 AGN

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                                    In this debug process I am assuming you are connecting to the internet and your wireless card is functioning properly and is on. Unfortunately I do not have a WRT160Nv2, but I have a similar type of router. Look in  under wireless settings, select manual setup, in the router I am using it displays 2 network ID's (one for 2.4Ghz and the other for 5Ghz).  Then go back to your PC, disconnect from the 5Ghz network ID and connect to the 2.4Ghz one using the right SSID displayed. However, if the router is disconnected, we may have eliminated the router as a root issue in your case.


                                    With the router off, you may need to reboot the PC before re-entering Intel Wireless Software.


                                    Question: Since the symptoms you are describing may have different causes, the solution may not be the same as others. I want to get a better understanding of when  you first encountered this issue: What do you believe was the trigger effect.


                                    In the interim, here are some additional Troubleshooting steps while I get a better understanding of your specific sighting:


                                    You may also wish to check to see the status of Intel My WiFi Technology (is it enabled?), Is it greyed out or can you select it to enable? If it selectable to enable, you may want to try hard reboot on the adapter (While powered, hold the reset button (located on far right on the back of device)  with a paper clip- See adapter manual).  If all these options still do not work and you already did an uninstall (of wireless driver and Intel wireless display software) and reinstalled (with reboots), I may  have additional troubleshooting options when team returns from investigating this issue further. I plan to post those here when they are available.




                                    Intel Customer Support

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