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    New raid for Existing Data Drive


      I've done a bit of research on migrating existing data to a raid but it almost all has to do with migrating an OS disc.  I have my OS on a separate disc than my data.  I want to create a RAID for the data disc but Raid isn't enabled in the BIOS.  Currently my OS disc is connected to a different controller on my MB than my data disc.  I want to know if I can enable Raid in the BIOS without affecting my Data or OS discs and secondly if I can then migrate my Data disc into a Raid 5 array.


      FYI This is my MB http://www.asus.com/product.aspx?P_ID=9i872VNaAILRp8bS

      I have my OS Disc connected to the Marvell controller and my data disc on the Intel controller.