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    Hangs at Intel Splash Screen


      I've had this Intel DG31PR MB for at least a year, maybe more, and a few months ago, when I would restart the computer, either from windows, or hit the restart button on the computer itself, it will stop at the intel splash screen and just stay there... forever.  If I push the power button and turn the computer completely off, it will start fine, it's just in the restart mode, it hangs at that splash screen and won't go any further.  I haven't noticed any other problems, and this one doesn't seem significant, but it is beginning to bother me and I would like to make sure I fix something before it breaks. 


      The processor is an Intel Pentium Dual CPU E2200, not sure what other information I can give you to make sure I provide all significant information.  I don't believe it is the operating system as it did it when I had Windows xp and it is still doing it with Windows 7. 


      Any advice?  Please?