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    DG45FC - high-pitch noise - no POST with diNovo - new BIOS goes HDMI


      My BAD experience with Intel DG45FC:



      1. High-pitch noise during idle (as described here http://communities.intel.com/message/30790).

      RMA'ed the first board. Just got a replacement with EXACTLY the same problem. I'm gonna have to RMA it AGAIN


      2. Besides this unaccepetable noise, the MB won't POST with a 'Logitech diNovo for notebooks'-keyboard (BIOS freezes when it shows "50"). Unplug the keyboard and it will boot normally WTF. (the keyboard works on 3 other PC's).


      3. And the latest BIOS (129) changes video output to HDMI as default, with no option to change it back to VGA/DVI. So there's no way to enter BIOS with a "normal" monitor that hasn't HDMI-input.


      This is symptoms that I would have expected from a small low-cost noname-company, not Intel.

      Or am I just expecting too mutch from Intel?