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    D510MO after dos programme(running in SVGA mode)clossing, video driver stopped


      Computer with motherboard D510MO running Windows XP Pro SP3,when start programme in DOS (running in SVGA,setting is in bat.file),programme running  it OK,after clossing DOS programme,computer come in black monitor and white mouse pointer,after 10-20 sec computer running in 640x480 and 4bit colour mode and message is dislayed:


      Windows-Display Driver Stopped Responding

      The igxpr32display driver has stopped working normally.Save your work and reboot the system to restore full display functionality.


      If DOS programme are running in VGA mode(setting is in bat. file),programme running it OK,then clossing DOS programme, it is OK.

      BIOS motherboard is new.

      VGA driver is

      This problem is in the mass motherboards D510 MO.

      How resolve this problem,help,thanks.