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Please help decide the right server configuration

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Pls pardon my ignorance. The office wants to purchase a Xeon Quadcore server.


I would like to know the difference between the E5472 and X5492 processors. All I can notice is the difference in power. One is 80W and the other 150 W. What is the significance of this?


Intel® Server Board S5000PAL
Or  Intel® Server Board S5000PSL


Again what are the plus minus of the boards.


The guys want to rig up a server to develop mobile applications mainly. They would also like to set up a web server.


Any other configuration which you feel will do this?


Appreciate your tolerance to and help with these issues



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    whlea Community Member
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    Thanks for your question on XEON Servers. For the first question, the difference is in the core frequency which translates to higher core voltage and therefore, higher power consumption. You may want to use the Processor Comparison Chart here: http://compare.intel.com/pcc/default.aspx?familyid=5&culture=en-US which gives a bit more detail on some of the processor features.

    For the second part of your question, I recommend you start with the Server Configurator Tool here: http://serverconfigurator.intel.com/default.aspx

    Please let us know if this has been helpful to you.

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    ChrisPeters Community Member
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    I'll chime in with William.  The big difference between the E5472 and X5492 processors is the CPU frequency and power.


    The 150W processor (X5492) is specifically designed for workstation type usages where heat dissipation is not a big concern but max performance is.

    Based on your desire for more of a business computing environment, I would guide you more to the E54xx series processors which offer a good blend of high performance and low power consumpition.  If performance trumps power in your selection criteria and power dissipation is not an issue for you, then the X5492 will get you more frequency and performance for your application.


    Some quick rules of thumb on the numbering scheme of our current products (E5472 and X5492 and others)


    E vs X: Indicates power consumed by the processor (E = 80, X = 120W or 150W)

    5: indicates the cpu supports a 2 processor configuration

    4: indicates is uses our new 45nm process manufacturing and is designed for energy efficient performance

    7 or 9 (could be 1-9): designites the speed (frequency of the processor)

    0 or 2 (last digit): designates the front side bus speed: 1333MHz (0) or 1600MHz (2).  1333Mhz is standard for business applications



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    aylwinv Community Member
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    Hi tushar,


    The best configuration i think on cost by performance scale for ur application will be



    2x Intel Xeon E 5450

    Intel server S 5000 PSL (SAS)

    4GB FBDIMM or higher ( Depending On user and applications)


    If u r considering RAID 5 then

    Intel SRCSASRB will be a good option





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    toosour Community Member
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    Thank you all for the valuable inputs.


    After posting the question I surfed a bit and realised that my application did not require a 2 socket processor and I zeroed in on the Xeon 3360.


    On going through the specs I realised that the 3360 does not support hyper threading. How much of an issue would that be.


    Another point of confusion is that the Xeon 54XX  series has hyper threading support and some versions of 54XX are much cheaper that the 3360


    Am not too much into understanding all this but need to make a purchasing decision.


    Please help understand the significance of the issues I brought up. To reiterate, the application of this server is to develop Java and C++ applications for mobile solutions. At most 20 odd workstations would use this server too.


    Would it be correct to consider a 3360 with the X35ML mobo?


    Thanks once again



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    ChrisPeters Community Member
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    None of the current multi-core generation (available 12/31/08) of Xeon processors contain Hyper-threading.  Hyper-Threading existed on our NetBurst microarchitecture but did not on the Intel Core microarchitecture products (3100, 3200, 3300, 5100, 5200, 5300, 5400, 7100, 7300 series processors).


    However, our newest microarchitecture called Nehalem (the Core i7 brand for the desktop) does have Hyper-Threading again.  Many server workloads will see significant performance gains since server applications are well threaded.   Because we are pre-launch, i can not disclose the actual results yet unless you have an NDA (non disclosure agreement) with Intel.


    I think the 3360 would be a good choice for you given it is mostly intended to be used as a application development server.


    Thanks for your Questions and Have a Happy New Year



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    aylwinv Community Member
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    Dear tushar,


    Happy new year.



    HT support is not available in core micro based processors. So most of current generation server processors doesnt support HT.


    But that should not be a concern for u. as all current generation processors are multi core ones.


    Yes nehalem can drastically improve the performance. But your budget seems to be on basic server as you have zeroed in on 3360.


    the availability of which in market , if u need , i can check out.The availability of products in the market is also one thing u have to consider before proceeding to finalise the spec. 3220 is currently available and so is 3210 chipset board. but 3360 am not sure.


    and one more thing what will be the number of systems (clients) connected to the server. From my experience uniprocessor servers are a good bet if u have 20 clients or less coneected to it.



    If users are higher. DP servers are needed.

    If your budget is low you can also consider 5420 with 5000V chipset based solution with SATA.







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    Thank you Chris and Aylwin for taking the time out to help.


    I think I shall take Chris's advise and go with the 3360.


    Any suggestions for the right mobo for this processor?


    Best wishes for the New Year to all.





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