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    procedure for hard reset of scc board?


      i hung the interface or the chip by spraying some random flits while debugging, and was curious

      as to the recommended command line procedure for fully resetting the system.


      Brent Forgeron helped me out by giving me the correct image to load with

      sccBmc -i (Tile533_Mesh800_DDR800), but i was just wondering proactively

      what the full load and startup looks like.



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          The new sccGui has a soft reboot feature that I have not tried out yet.

          But here is what we do when we want to start from scratch and are suspicious.


          1. Telnet into the BMC and issue a "power off".

          2. Exit


          3. Unplug the PCIe cable


          4. Turn off power to the board.

          5. Wait 60 seconds.

          6. Turn power on to the board.

          7. Wait 60 seconds.


          8. Telnet inot the BMC and issue a "power on".

          9. Exit


          10. Shut down the MCPC.

          11. Plug in the PCIe cable.


          12. Boot the MCPC.