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    Intel Entry Storage System and Active Directory


      Hello All,

      I recently purchased the Intel SS4200-E and upgraded the  firmware to


      I am trying to join an existing Active Directory on Windows Server 2003 (eng). The DNS  settings
      for server and NAS are the same, FQDN and username/password are
      correct and there is no time difference between the 2 machines (as
      intel's troubleshooter suggests). I also have a DNS entry for the  NAS
      setup correctly.


      When I try to join I get this error message: Unable to join  the
      domain. Check the DNS and network settings of this storage device  and
      the DNS server.


      I also tried creating a new user that is a member of the Domain Admins and Administrators group and used a simpler password as the server machine administrator password had special characters in it.


      I've search high and low for this problem but can't seem to find a solution


      Any ideas ?

      Thx in advance