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    Installation Error - SBS - AMT_OU PERMISSION DENIED

      So i am installing  the latest SBS  console build to start using our new vPRO laptops. Now I get to the end of the SQL Server isntallation and it ends halfway through the rest of the installation with some errors. The installation tries to create an OU called AMT_OU in AD but it stops there because it says it does not have permsission. Now my admin account does have admin rights in AD but not for the whole AD root. I only have admin rights for a specific OU nested in our AD network. So how can I go about successfully installing SBS without this error? If there is a way to point the installation to create the OU in a specific path in AD, i think it would work. And there is no way I can get more admin rights to the root of AD and neither would anyone that has those rights, do it for me. FYI I work on a university campus with a pretty big network.