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    How can I block a specific network?


      Using the Intel PROset/Wireless Wifi Connection Utility, is it possible to specifically restrict/block connection to a network/SSID?


      I have multiple notebooks using this Intel wireless utility, and I need to prevent users from manually connecting to a specific wireless network/SSID.  I am aware of the Mandatory Access Point option, but this is not a possible solution as some users will need to connect to their home networks.  While the laptop is onsite, I would like to prevent connectivity to one specific network.  Is this possible?

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          Can try to configure this in Access Point setting instead on the wireless care , there are Access restriction configuration in some AP. You might want to check it out if this meets your requirement

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            Thanks.  I've thought about that, but we actually have quite a large amount of wireless devices and managing each one from a Controller/AP would be a pain.  It would be much easier if I could do it client side, this way it can be configured when the notebooks are deployed/imaged.

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              Not sure if this can work for you.

              If you are using Proset wireless management software, you can go to Profile-> Manage Exclusion to add the networks you

              want to exclude.

              The other way is in case you have created a administrator package in Proset, go to Proset's Tool-> Administrator Tool to create a package. In the profile=> Exclude Tab, you can add the network name (SSID) you want to exclude.

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                I tried doing an exclusion manually through the software, but this only prevents the user from automatically connecting to the wireless network.  You are still able to double click on the excluded network and connect to it.  Also, the setting was only applied to the current Windows profile.  I logged into a test Windows profile that had never logged on to the laptop and the setting was not applied.


                I will do further testing to see if there are any differences when excluding the network using the Administrator tool.  Thanks again.

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                  I never got around to posting the results to this.  Thanks Mashime, your suggestion worked.


                  I created an administrator package using the ProSet tool and added the wireless network (SSID) that I needed to block/exclude.  I was able to apply this package to all of the machines running the same version the package was created on (package is downward compatible, newer Intel ProSet software versions need separate newer package created).


                  Once package has been applied, excluded wireless network is greyed out and cannot be connected to.  This is applied to all Windows profiles on the computer.