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    Lost Access To WHS SS4200E

      Hello everyone

      Firstly, thanks in advance to anyone who is able to assist with this.  I've given it all I can and unfortunately come up short.

      I have an Intel SS4200E with 2x 2TB WD Caviar drives (planning to add 2  more ASAP) running WHS. I installed WHS on it (blindly, using a USB  flash drive) and have been merrily using it for a short time. Everything  worked fine (remote console, remote access, etc.). There was some issue  with the connection dropping periodically, so I decided to update the  networking drivers. I ran Intel's update tool, which showed a few  drivers were outdated. I successfully updated some other stuff and then  decided to proceed with the networking drivers. Needless to say, this is  where the problem started. Remote Desktop disconnected (which is to be  expected, of course) and I have been unable to reach the server since.  My router does not show a connection from the box at all.

      Can I fix this? I don't have any way of attaching a monitor to the  thing at the moment (I don't think so, at least), so everything would  have to be automated. Unless I can somehow make use of the eSATA ports  or something.

      Thanks again.