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    X25-M G2 SSD Filled up with some hidden data then cleared?


      Today I happened to notice my X25-M G2 fill up with some hidden data then after it was almost completely full it cleared?  I watched in "My Computer" as the free space available on the C drive of my SSD kept dropping by the minute.  I've never ran the Intel toolbox or even had it open.  From my understanding an optimize tool will fill up the drive to almost full then clear.  Is that what happened here with me running Win 7 64bit and my SSD is on firmware 02HD?


      After the SSD was almost completely full it cleared and my free space is back to normal and not changing.  My space used on the SSD had stayed constant through the whole thing as well, 39.7 GB used (when I would highlight all files/folders in root of C and choose properties, and I have it set to show all files & system files).  But when I right click on the C drive SSD and choose properties it shows used space of about 50 GB, and I can't figure out where this mysterious 10GB is?


      I thought at first I must have a virus but all my scans keep coming up clean.


      I just downloaded the new Intel toolbox and will try an optimize in it.


      Anyone else notice this happening?