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    bios error 8180, 8160, 8161


      i have 3 intel SR1560SFHS Servers  with 2 E5420 processors each.

      all have the same problem:

      the bios errors accure:

      8180 Bios does not support current stepping for Processor P1

      8160 Processor 01: unable to apply BIOS update

      8161 Processor 02: unable to apply BIOS update


      a bios update to the newes version and even to the older versions was done via the intel development assintent over the internet.

      but without any result!


      any ideas?



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          I'm also getting this with a new S5000PSLSATAR server board and 2 new E5430 XEON CPUs. The lastest BIOS has been installed. I'm stuck as this server was meant to ship in a day or two, instead I'm now stuck with this problem which cannot be ignored because the BIOS will not display hardware virtualisation option required for Hyper-V to work.


          Is there a fix for this, please Intel ???

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              I am also having this issue with the SR1560SFHS.  Everything was fine until I updated to the latest BIOS.  Has anyone come across a fix.

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                Hi there,



                The error messages in the BIOS like 8160 etc. actually were due to the new CPU with the core stepping E0.


                Actually, on most Intel server boards using a new CPU with E0 Core Stepping gave these error messages, but this has been fixed with the latest firmware

                revision BIOS.


                In the case of the SR1560SF, the latest firmware are:
                System BIOS - 30
                BMC Firmware - 9
                FRUSDR Utility - 11
                In the release notes, it mentionned something on the E0 stepping, so this bios has the fix. Make sure to read the read me file how to update the firmware.


                For the S5000PSLSATAR, the new bios 91.6 and 94 fixed this issue.


                Hope this information helps.