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    Intel DX58SO and XMP(Kingston ram)


      Greetings to everyone, new here!


      I recently got myself a new pc and i'm having some problems at the moment and i hope that someone can help me out.


      So, i'll start by saying that i'm no PC expert the problem i am having is that i can't get my RAM to run @ 1600MHz(XMP)
      My ram is: Kingston KHX1600C9D3K3/6GX, i'm certain that it CAN support XMP but i just can't see it in my BIOS.. under Performance memory profiles.. i just see Auto and manual.. not  XMP Profile 1 or XMP Profile 2.


      I tried setting it up manually by changing the following: mem multiplier to x12, timings to 9 9 9 27 and voltage @ 1.66 but after doing so my pc would not start up, only saw a black screen.. did countless hard resets but nothing, in the end i had to remove the cmos battery for 1 min, put it back in and reboot(all this was rather painful).


      Now i've set up everything on automatic and my PC boots up fine, just what the heck is going on with the DX58SO? Is there any way to make my ram run with XMP?Should mention that another thing that bothered me, is that after returning to optimal default settings some settings regarding my CPU also changed(got an intel i7 920)like bus speed was 133 now it's 135..


      Anyway, first things first.. i'm really confused here!


      EDIT: Forgot to mention that my bios is updated to SOX5810J.86A.5020(released on 2/24/2010) i also saw some other drivers for my mobo but i assume they have nothing to do with bios and the RAM issue.

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          while the box says that it supports 1600MHz, the product guide says the following:

          "The Desktop Board supports the following memory features:

          • Four 240-pin Double Data Rate 3 (DDR3) SDRAM Dual Inline Memory Module

          (DIMM) connectors with gold-plated contacts arranged in three channels

          • 1333/1066/800 MHz DDR3 SDRAM interface"

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            Thanks for your response, but what's that supposed to mean?


            I can say for sure that this mobo supports 1600(with XMP only) and my RAM has that potential but i just can't see the option in the performance/memory tab.


            And the fact that i tried to set it up manually kinda frightens me, since i had to set the voltage to 1.66(there wasn't 1.65)cause 1.65 that's the voltage that kingston gives for that ram to run @ 1600... but according to intel anything above 1.65 can damage the CPU.. hope i didn't do any damage, or i'll go nuts.

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              if the board does not recognize your ram right, you need to know the exact timings, meaning all of them, to go to 1600 manually. i you cant figure them out, you can only go back to auto - that is most likely the SPD setting for 1066mhz clock (with your 920).


              btw, set the QPI voltage to 1.3V

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                I would reset everything back to the defaults and then set up the memory settings.  Make sure the bus speed is 133 and then increase memory mutiplier to 12, adjust the next 4 numbers, the latency timings to and the voltage at (see if there is a 1.65v after resetting back to the defaults) 1.66v.


                Finally, configure other areas of the bios that may need setting for your computer setup.


                Let us know if this works for you.

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                  Last time i tried to set my ram @ 1600 - using the latest bios(which kinda messes with timings by the way)i couldn't boot my PC at ALL and ended up removing the cmos battery, i've now reverted back to bios ver. 4405 and my default timings seem to be 'right'.


                  I'm pretty sure that i'll go over the same things again if i try to set it to 1600.What i changed was mem multiplier to 12 and timings to 9 9 9 27 @ 1.66v(and no there's no option for 1.65, even with 4405)but i didn't change QPI to 1.3 like someone suggested, default is 1.150.


                  I thought it would be simple, just choose XMP profile and you're done.. but it just ain't.
                  Check this - http://shop.kingston.com/PartsInfo.asp?ktcpartno=KHX1600C9D3K3/6GX they are capable of XMP and i just don't understand why the mobo doesn't recognize it..

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                    Forgive me for double posting, got an update regarding the bios v4405.


                    I took the chance and played with the settings, my PC still fails to boot, at least now(with 4405)i'm getting the msg "unsuccessful attempts" etc etc pres 'y' to enter bios or 'n' to restore default settings.


                    Settings i used:  mem multiplier x12, uncore x24, 9 9 9 27, 1.66V and QPI 1.3.
                    Also played with mem voltage, tried 1.58, 1.62 and 1.66 but never 1.70+ all that with no luck.

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                      I have similar Kingston memory, KHX1600C9D3T1K3/6GX (Looks like this version has bigger heat spreaders) and it does not show any XMP profiles.  I’m running on BIOS version 5020.   I bought this memory so I could just pick the XMP profile and not have to pick manual settings.  Kingston even advertises this is how it should work.

                      "Kingston engineered these specially designed HyperX XMP modules for both the novice and experienced overclocker. The XMP profile allows for easy overclocking simply by selecting the predefined profile in the BIOS. The expert overclocker can still manually adjust frequency and timings to get peak performance from his or her systems. So whether you're novice or experienced, Kingston has the part for you. "

                      I have seen screen shots showing XMP profile working for other memory manufacturers and the DX58SO.  So this appears to be specific to Kingston. 

                      I have opened a ticket with Kingston to see what they say.  But if I have to manually enter the numbers, then I might as well return the Kingston memory and go with a manufacturer's XMP memory that works.




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                        I got an update.


                        I got this working but not through the BIOS.  I installed Intel Desktop Control Center, clicked on the + button under memory (adjust memory timings) then scroll to the bottom and you'll see XMP Profile.  Under that, there was a 1600mhz 9-9-9-24 option.  When I selected that and rebooted, it came up as 1600mhz instead of 1066mhz.


                        Hope that helps.  I don't know why it doesn't work in the BIOS.  Also my CPU temp jumped from 63 to 72 in an Antec 1200 case.  Actually all temps seemed to have jumped a lot.  I'm going to have do some testing to see if the new speed is worth the temp increase.



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                          I installed the intel desktop control center, went into the ram settings, scrolled down but didn't see any XMP/1600 option..


                          The fact that i'm using bios ver. 4405 could be the cause.. but there's no way i'm going with 5020 again, i had tons of problems with it.. plus i don't like the fact that it changes some timings.


                          I'll now try using the settings from that pic that you posted, will set them manually and see if my PC boots.

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                            Alright, the settings worked, which is a good thing they now run @ 1600.


                            However, like you said.. my CPU temps went up by 8-10 degrees(C*) i'm using RealTemp at the moment and at some point my cpu reached 75c(not idle ofc), i'll have to find some benchmarks in order to run some proper tests.

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                              No one?


                              I had another problem the other day, intel desktop control center 'bugged' my fan speeds(both cpu + case) to 100% speed, tried countless things but in the end i had to remove the cmos battery 'again', that + removing the program + upgrading to BIOS 5112 = problem solved.


                              Today i changed to HWMonitor which is the most popular program to monitor temps and my idle temps range from 44 to 47 celcius and when i tried to run Prime95(cpu 'torture test') after 30 mins temps reached 84-87(!) with these temps i was too afraid to leave it for more than that.

                              Good thing is that CPU & Case fans started running @ 100% when the temps started hitting 80+ so i guess we can rule that out.


                              Should also mention that the CPU is running @ 2800 or so, it gains abit from that turbo multiplier.


                              I am really desperate right now, this has been plaguing me for quite some time and i can't find my answer.Why the high temps, why couldn't my mobo recognize XMP in the first place?


                              I will also provide my current RAM settings:


                              tCL 9
                              tRCD 9
                              tRP 9
                              tRAS 24
                              tWR 12
                              tRFC 88
                              tRRD 5
                              tWTR  6
                              tRTP 6

                              Uncore multiplier 24
                              DDR Multiplier 12
                              mem  Voltage 1.66(can't selece 1.65)

                              QPI 1.300


                              Thanks in advance.

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                                high temps are normal, could be up to 100. the cpu would then protect itself by clocking down. if you plan to overclock, get a new cooler.

                                poor bios programming causes or can cause your ram-issue. kingston ram is usually very solid.

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                                  Strange but true.


                                  I've experienced the same problem  as so many others using a DX5S0 with Corsair DDR3 XMS memory regarding  the "boot roulette" issue.  This is going to wound weird, but it's  worked for me and 9-10 clients I resold the mboard to (don't ask how  many times I performed random acts to develop this)...


                                  Step  1 - Cut it off and either unplug it or use the hard switch next to the  plug on your powersupply if available.  Wait at least 30 seconds.

                                  Step  2 - Press and Hold  the 'power on ' button on the front of your machine  (eg press it in and don't release)

                                  Step 3 - Use your 3rd hand to  now switch on the power supply or plug in the cable (while you're  holding the power button in).

                                  Step 4 - (and this takes careful  listening to the machine) keep holding the button for about 2-3 sec.   Listen for a mechanical sound as it powers up b/cuz once it passes, you  need to let go of the button.

                                  Step 5 - BINGO - my 10 boot.


                                  So  in summary - power off cold, depress and hold the power up button on  the case, re-energize the PSU, release after about 2 seconds.


                                  I  can tell if I've done it right by looking at the status light on my  monitor.  If one just switches the computer on in an ordinary fashion,  the fans and drives will spin up, but the monitor's status light remains  amber and it will sit there forever.   If you're lucky and the above  works for you too, once you release the power button the monitor's  status light will turn green and you'll seee the BIOS and logo text fly  by.


                                  Dave / ATL

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                                    Hi, I have the same problem, no video, if i take memory out it beeps, but seems it is not going into recovery.... I tryed your method... Hope I understood it corectly.... Do you know any other solutions? Thanks a lot and sorry for my english!