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    Blue screen error with DP55WG and Pioneer SATA DVD burner


      I am using the DP55WG mainboard with one harddisk at SATA port 0 and a Pioneer DVD burner (DVR-218L). My operating system is Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bit Edition. Since the latest BIOS update 4752 does not change the SATA port enumeration any more, this problem seems to be fixed now. But the blue screen problem appeared with the older BIOS, too. The harddisk connected to SATA port 0 works perfectly, but if I try to connect the DVD burner to some SATA ports Windows crashes at the login screen with blue screen error (STOP xxx, then memory dump and restart). Some ports of the 5 SATA ports 1 to 5 work with the DVD burner, some causes the blue screen error. It is important to me to know it is a compatibility issue with the DVD burner (but normally I would say, every SATA port should behave equally) or there are some defective SATA ports at my mainboard.


      Did anyone else make similar experiences?

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          I have not seen any similar issues. I would recommend you to test each port individually using the hard drive that you state it is working fine on port 0. Also test the system out of the chassis, placed on a non-conductive surface like a newspaper, a magazine or something similar to make sure that it is not a grounding issue, update the firmware of the DVD burner you are having issues with and possibly test another power supply with a higher wattage of possible (this could be also a defective power supply or a lack of power resources issue). Try using another DVD burner from another manufacturer if possible and swap the power and data cables being used


          Testing another DVD burner drive from a different manufacturer could tell you if this is a compatibility issue.