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    DQ45CB RAID problem




      I've had this board since december, and it has been working like a charm.


      A fewdays ago though, I got my hands on a faster CPU (Q6600) which I found out later, isn't supported. At least not the stepping I had. But before that, I updated the BIOS to see if that would help - It did not.


      Now though, after the BIOS update, I've discovered that the SATA mode has been reset to IDE.

      The problem is, that I had 2x RAID 1 arrays and they're recognized well enough if I set it back to RAID mode, but Windows XP refuses to boot, complaining about missing files if I do that.


      Is there any way to get it back to RAID mode, without having to reinstall? I don't really trust the main system drive all that much, and I'd hate to have more downtime due to this problem..


      Thanks in advance.

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          It will depend on the error. Please tell me what error are you receiving?


          Now as you had a RAID 1 you can always set the hard drives to non RAID, boot from one of them to the operating system and create the array again inside Windows* with the Intel(R) Matrix Storage Manager. You select the option to create array from existing volume. This way you can recover the information.


          If your RAID is on normal condition but the error that you are receiving is some files missing from the operating system, you can always try a Windows* repair.



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            It's a Windows error - Missing/corrupt files in the System folder, as I recall.


            The problem is driver related, I believe. Windows XP doesn't support Intel Matrix Storage-thingy RAID without a driver. I don't have that much faith in the Windows repair function, as I'll just get a console with little or no help. I don't know which files are missing/corrupt (The error message doesn't say)


            Thanks for the attempt though

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              For Q6600 issue, DQ45CB can only support 95W or lower processor, so I guess your Q6600 stepping is B3 which is a 105W

              For RAID issue, you have to download F6 driver and re-install OS

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                I figured as much, regarding the Q6600. I found a Q6700 instead.


                But I think I may have found a solution. Here goes:


                I get an Adaptec 2405 controller from work. I plug it in, install the drivers in Windows and shut down.

                Afterwards, I move the 4 drives to that controller, where it will recognize the RAID 1 arrays present and verify them.

                After that is done, I enable Matrix Storage in the BIOS again and boot Windows - Remember, it already has the drivers for the Adaptec controller.

                I install the Matrix Storage drivers and move the drives back to the motherboard and remove the Adaptec controller.


                Any idea if that would work?

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                  I don't believe that it will work. Honestly.


                  For me if you want to do things right, backup all your data on your hard drives (one from each array) or keep one hard drive from each array and keep it as single drives, create a fresh RAID one deleting all the information on 2 hard drives and installing a fresh copy of the operating system loading the f6 drivers. Then once you boot to the operating system, you backup all the data that you need from one of the hard drives and then you create the second array from the existing volume. This way you only need to backup the data on one hard drive and you can do it once you have your operating system up and running.