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    GMA 4500MHD:  no support for VC-1 Variable Length Decode


      I have a notebook using the GMA 4500MHD chipset graphics. I'm running Windows7 x64.

      My current driver version is

      According to the specs this chipset should have full support for accelerating MPEG-2, AVC and VC-1 coded movies.

      Full support means:

      MPEG-2: VLD + iDCT  + MC
      VC-1:   VLD + iMDCT + MC + LF
      AVC:    VLD + iMDCT + MC + LF
      This is true for MPEG-2 and AVC. But for VC-1 there seems to be no support for VLD.

      Exactly the same SW-setup on another computer with an ATI graphics card supports

      VLD for VC-1. Hence it can not be a problem of the media-player or the codec.

      Question: is this a known problem of the driver or the chipset ?



      addendum:  restested on Acer Aspire 3810T. This notebook has a buildin GMA 4500MHD and an additional, switchable ATI Radeon 4330.

      GMA 4500MHD:   AVC ok,  VC-1 no support for VLD

      ATI:                     AVC ok, VC-1 ok


      So either the specs for the GMA 4500MHD as listed in wikipedia are wrong or the driver is faulty.