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    Unable to output to DVI after driver install


      I just bought a new computer with a Gigabyte motherboard using intel's H55 shipset. This motherboard comes with onboard DVI, VGA, DisplayPort, and HDMI.

      I am using a Viewsonic LCD monitor connected to my motherboard using DVI. Everything works and after installing Windows7 x64, I get a normal display on my monitor.


      The problem is, after I install the Intel HD Graphics driver supplied in the motherboard disc, and then restart the computer, my monitor cannot detect any signal right after the OS starts. That means, I can see the BIOS Post screen Windows7 startup black screen.The OS boots normally, I can confirm this because I can hear through my speakers the normal windows startup sound.


      Interestingly, there is display if I connect my Sony LCD TV to the HDMI port. Using my LCD tv, I tried to enter the Graphics Properties but the only display detected by the driver was "Digital Television" which is my LCD TV connected to the HDMI port. It does not detect my monitor connected to DVI port.


      Can anyone tell me how I can setup my computer to display to my DVI monitor like normal while being able to set my driver to output to HDMI anytime I wish to have a secondary display?

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          Try the latest version of the GFX driver from the foollowing site to see if that helps.



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            Hello Robert,


            I have tried the latest drivers, both from Gigabyte and from Intel, and the problem persists.


            I have also tried the following OS:


            Win7 x86

            WIn7 x64

            WinXP x86.

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              Do you have the latest BIOS from Gigabyte for your MB?

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                Yes Robert, I updated the Bios as well to the latest. I also tried latest drivers, both from Gigabyte as well as Intel.

                I also tried playing around with the Bios setting (setting the onboard VGA to automatic detection and always enable).

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                  I wanted to chime in that I am having the exact same issue.  Gigabyte GA-h55m-ud2h board, windows 7 64bit, tried BIOS f4 (the version it shipped with) and f7 (the latest version).  I tried with the driver on the gigabyte site (ver 1995) and the latest intel driver (ver 2057).  HDMI and VGA work, but DVI stops sending signal after Windows goes to the desktop.  The POST screen shows up and the "starting windows" screen shows up as well.  Uninstalling the intel driver and using the generic driver will drive a display vai DVI, albeit at a reduced resolution.  An interesting fact is, when you first install the intel driver, but before you agree to a reboot (message says the driver won't work until a reboot - ironic), the display works over DVI.  After the reboot, the display goes back to not working over DVI.  Any ideas?

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                    Finally someone who has the same problem as I do!


                    Ok, I have brought my PC back to the vendor and they tested on their DVI monitor and it works. So, my best guess is that the driver has somehow failed to detect that my Viewsonic VX1935WM LCD (DVI connection) monitor has been plugged in. However, it works if I use the VGA cable instead (lucky that this monitor has both VGA and DVI connection).


                    I have writen to Gigabyte's technical support and am still waiting for their reply. Will update this post when I get news from them.

                    Conclusion: I solved this problem by switching to VGA connection instead.

                    Comments: Not a 'real' solution because I should have the ability to use my DVI connection. Plus, there's nothing wrong with the cable as my monitor works on my other computer using DVI connection.

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                      I would definetly suggest Gigabyte take a close look at this issue. It may be an issue with the SDVO transmitter on the MB or possibly a VBIOS config issue. They should be able to duplicate the issue easily and find a solution. I don't believe the Intel Graphics Driver is the issue as I do not see the issue on my test system.

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                        Yeah I have a call into Gigabyte.  Thats funny, my monitor is a Viewsonic as well with VGA and DVI connections.  It also works with my laptop over DVI, so I know the DVI connection on the monitor works.  I have another DVI display that I am going to test with the intel IGP today, to see if maybe its just not getting the resolution right or something.  The thing that made me think driver issue is that the DVI appeared to work until the driver was installed, and works during POST and initial load (the "starting windows" screen) - its only when the OS seems to start the driver and switch to the optimal resolution that the DVI port goes dead.

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                          Would you mind trying the following driver? It was released for high res displays not being read correctly by the graphics drivers.



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                            I tried that driver and the setup program won't run.  It says something to the effect "This computer doesn't meet the minimum requirements to install this software."  Its worth noting that I tried hooking up my Apple 24" Cinema display (DVI - matte) and it worked fine.  There seems to be some issue going on with this driver and the viewsonic display.  I also attempted to install the "monitor drivers" for viewsonic displays, which as far as I can tell come in a large file with multiple drivers.  I don't think my model of display is included in the package that is for Windows 7.  Its probably too old.  The older package is "unsigned" adn for Windows XP/2000/etc.. and won't install on this computer.  I haven't contacted viewsonic yet.

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                              Yeah, this problem sounds like a Viewsonic thing. I found someone else on another forum (a Malaysian local forum) having the same problem with his Viewsonic monitor. He too, like me, has resorted to using VGA connection.


                              Anyway, I'm still corresponding with Gigabyte and hope to find out a solution from them. Will keep you guys posted.

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                                Glad to see I'm not alone on this, I'm using the Gigabyte GA H55 UD3H on board video and DVI switches off straight after installing the Intel driver and rebooting into the POST screen. So I'm stuck using VGA.


                                edit: I'm using a DELL 24" monitor.

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                                  I have a similar problem.  I have a Samsung DVI monitor connected to a Gateway desktop running Windows 7.  It used to work fine, but after I added a KVM switch in between, the Intel Graphics driver does not detect the monitor after resuming from sleep.  I've tried several versions of the Intel driver including the latest and it's still the same.  I've even tried detaching the DVI cable before putting the system to sleep and attaching it after system is running, but for some reason once the PC has gone to sleep and back it does not detect the monitor again.  The interesting note is that I have a 2nd monitor connected directly to VGA port, and when this problem happens with the DVI monitor if I run the Graphics driver installation, it detects the DVI monitor amid installation of the driver!  So even a utility that could detect the monitors would serve as a workaround for me until Intel can fix this problem.




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                                    It seems like you may be having problems with the recognition of the EDID (Extended display identification data). A good thing to try is to contact the monitor or TV manufacturer and request the drivers for it.



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