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    SS4200-E and email notifications


      Hello everyone.  I have a new SS4200-E for a file server.  I want to set up the email notifications, but the server does not like the @ symbol in the user name field.  Problem is that many email services including Gmail don't allow you to use the pop system with just your user name.  You have to use the whole email address as in user@gmail.com.


      How will I be able to use the email notification system if I can not enter my whole user name into the software?

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          To use Gmail for email notification you just need you put your complete email address in "Destination Email Address". No need to check the "Additional Credentials Required" box. At least it works for my Gmail account.

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            This didn't work for me.  Question:  what is the email address that the server device sends from?  Question: is there any other configuration that needs to be done when I'm behind a router?  I wonder if this is what is not working.  I entered my gmail email address as you suggested and said 'ok'.  The server then said my message was being sent, but I never got it.  Not in spam either.

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              By default the notification is sent from "sohostorage@emc.com". You may need to check network configuration on the SS4200-E, especially default gateway and DNS server. I checked the test email I received and found it's actually sent through the mail server mail.authsmtp.com. Check if it's reachable through your network by pinging it from any PC.

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                I can ping mail.authsmtp.com without any problem.  I currently have my server network settings to be automatically generated by the server.  I can access the server just fine from other computers using it's IP address.  I have my gmail email address in the Destination Email Address spot on the server, but I still do not receive any kind of notifications when I ask for it via the tick box, or even when I remove a hard drive to simulate a failure.


                To me this is a very important feature that I need.  The server will be located in an area of our office that we do not walk past everyday to check the status lights.

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                  Do you mean you configured the SS4200-E to get network configurations from a DHCP server? I'd still suggest you check DNS and gateway settings. If possible get a screenshot of Settings => Network Services => Network Settings.

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                    This may sound like a pretty stupid question, but how did you get your server to send notifications to your gmail account?  I did this and it won't work.  Do you have an email server working somewhere on your internal network?  I had emailed Intel Tech support and they have told me that with out an internal email server running on your internal lan, the server will not send email out to an email address outside your local lan.


                    Thanks again for the help.

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                      Like I mentioned in my previous reply, the notification is sent through a mail server on the internet, mail.authsmtp.com. No I don't have a mail server in my internal network. I guess Intel support means if your SS4200-E doesn't have direct internet access you'll need to have a local mail server to get email notification work. And that's why I asked you to check your DNS and gateway settings - the SS4200-E need to have direct connect to the mail server, no matter it's on your local network or on internet. When I say direct connect I mean you don't use something like a proxy to access internet.

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                        Hi Edward,


                        Yes.  That is exactly what I am doing and the settings look correct to me.  I've attached two screen shots.  1 for the network settings page of the server and the second shot is my command line ipconfig /all shot from my laptop.  As you can see the important settings are identical.

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                          This is weird... what is the software version running on your storage? Can you try an email account other than Gmail? Try to add emc.com to your trusted domain list so that it doesn't get blocked.

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                            I've now tried using 3 different email systems that I have access to instead of using GMail.  None work for the notifications.


                            The software version for my server is:




                            Here is some info I got from Intel Support:


                            The emails will be delivered through the strategy below:
                            If a relay SMTP server is configured, emails will be sent out by using this relay server.
                            If no relay SMTP server is available, emails will be sent out by using MX records.
                            At last, if no MX records are found, emails will be tried to be sent out by directly using the domain name in the destination. For example, the destination is xxx@yyy.com, we will try to use “yyy.com” to send the emails.

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                              Can you try to manually set a static IP address on your SS4200-E? Which IP address do you get when you ping mail.authsmtp.com? (Here I got


                              If possible you can setup a SMTP server in your local network to test.

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                                I'm having the same problem and would be interested to hear if you are ever able to resolve this.


                                I have a friend with the same unit and he is able to sent test emails to both of my accounts, however I cannot from my unit.



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                                  Ok.  I've set a static IP address on my SS4200-E.  I also configured the rest of the settings manually to match other PCs on my network.  No luck yet witht the email.


                                  When I ping mail.authsmtp.com I get  A bit different than what you get, but I'm getting that same IP address from two different computers.  One inside the problem network with the server and another machine at a my work location.  So I'm not too concerned with the difference.  Only connection between these two computers is my internet service provider: Cox.


                                  I'd be happy to set up a SMTP server on my network to test.  Is there a simple, free one out there?

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                                    No luck so far.  Keep checking this thread.  I'll post if I do get it to work.

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