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    D510MO BIOS Memory settings for PC2-6400


      I am trying to optimize my D510MO set up for DDR2-800 PC6400 using the original BIOS. Per CPUZ the Kingston memory reports SPD at 6-6-6-18-24, but if I tried this using the manual setting in BIOS it won't even boot. In configuration jumper setting (pos 2-3) BIOS comes up as 9-9-9-27 for 800MHz FSB, but programming these values to the manual BIOS memory setting it won't boot Windows either. The only way to boot is to set the memory setting to Automatic.

      If you have found a working manual setting for PC2-6400 DDR2 please help post the values. Tks.

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          I am having the same problem I am using Kinston HyperX DDR2 6400 1gb x 2 just a blinking cursor if I try and do any configuration even if its the same thing the automatic setting shows....


          Also I have checked I am running the latest and greatest firmware and drivers for the board, the memory came out of a working ASUS motherboard running its spec'd speed without any problems...

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            For information about latency and other ratings of your ram, the best source is the manufacturer's website. In CPUZ click memory (not spd) to see the actual bios setting of the latency of your ram.


            If you are not experiencing any issues, it would be better to leave it at automatic setting.

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              I have the same problem here, but even worse: most of the time I can't even set the memory speed and voltage, just the timings! :-(

              Does anybody knows a workaround to this?


              I have Patriot Viper RAM rated at 4-4-4-12/2.1-2.2V that I can only use in 'auto' mode at 8-8-8-21!!! :-(

              I use BIOS 0154, is there a newer one?

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                I'm experiencing the same problem.


                My setup:

                D510MO with BIOS 0210 (4/29/2010 = latest)

                CORSAIR 2GB DDR2 XMS2 PC6400 800MHZ CL5 (1X2GB)

                KINGSTON V DRIVE 30GB SSD SATA/300 MLC


                The system works fine when using "Automatic setup". CPU-Z shows correct memory timings (5-5-5-18). BIOS however reports 8-8-8-27.


                For testing purpose I wanted to adjust memory speed and timings.


                When using manual setup 800 MHz, 5-5-5-18, the system won’t boot. Forced to use jumper to revert BIOS settings.

                System won't boot with 800 MHz setting even if very relaxed timings are used.


                Using 667 MHz, the system boots. Bios reports 800 MHz (and 8-8-8-27) though... CPU-Z cant report memory speed for some reason, but timings are 5-5-5-18. I suspect that the memories are running at 800 MHz SPD...


                I also noticed how I sometimes can adjust reference clock and memory voltage, but other times not! Extremely annoying.


                Quite disappointing that such basic functionality is broken...

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                  Intel has now released an updated BIOS (MOPNV10J.86A.0303.2010.0705.1202)  that fixed all my issues.


                  ::EDIT Nope... Reference clock and voltage dissappeared for bios again... But other than that it seems to work

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