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        Did you try to upgrade to Win 7 with the previous BIOS version 0497? I ask because I have not been able to upgrade my BIOS to 0572. Every time I try, MB dies and I have to restore the previous 0497. Also do your DP35DP PCs now running Win 7 have a standard configuration? I mean, do all PCs have the same configuration such as video card, disk drives, usage of PCI adapters, etc? I´m trying to figure out why I can't install 0572. Thanks.

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          try updating the bios using windows xp or vista..


          dp35dp is not officially certified for win 7.


          currently now, i am cooking a varieties of driver to run on win 7 .. so kinda wait and i will update here

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            Thanks for the advice. I still have Win XP Pro and every time I have tried to upgrade my bios, the MOBO dies and have to restore the previous version. I guess I am going to have to upgrade it using a DVD and disconnecting absolutely everything from it (disk drives, USB devices, empty PCI expansion slots and PCI Express, IDE disk drive, IDE DVDRW, disconnect audio devices). This would be my lastest try. I hope it works. When you have solved the puzzle to upgrade to Win 7 please post how you were able to get there without problems. Thanks.

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              There is at least one additional BIOS Upgrade between 0497 and 0527 if not even two (see 'http://downloadmirror.intel.com/17930/eng/DP_0572_ReleaseNotes2.pdf'). But only one of them can be found on the 'Download' Page. In this case, i would suggest you try a 'incremental' upgrade.


              Me personally i did an upgrade (clean install and using EasyTransfer tool) from vista 32 enterprise to 7/64 Enterprise on BIOS 0527 without any problems. But now it is having some problems at runtime (see 'http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/w7itproinstall/thread/b8380ddc-cd75-4a3c-a8ec-e9a2d44cbeb2/' and 'http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/w7itprogeneral/thread/2f347a0d-f5e2-490c-8c82-c15864ce17c7/#1a1590b0-eb85-4ef5-9e36-425ee47a28fe').


              And i fear to run into more serious problems with this.


              Kind regards


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                Thanks AAK....


                I appreciate your advice regarding Bios versions. On the other hand, I feel a little bit confused, because I have read posts (for DP35DP) saying "everything is working ok with Win 7, no problem",........ others saying "there are problems with audio and other components", ....... and Intel performing its "sleeping beauty" act very well (should be nominated for a Grammy on the best passive actor category) not telling "a thing" about this Mobo.


                It does not make any sense. Intel, should at least say: this is what you can expect with Win 7, problems and/or warnings, and what they will finally do about Win 7.


                Or at least say "DP35DP is obsolete and we (Intel) don't care if you bought it yesterday, or a week ago, or a month ago, or a year ago; we simply don't care".


                I hope someone comes out with a procedure to install Win 7 (I am not talking about the MS installation, of course) indicating how it should be done, what has to be installed, installation sequence, links, etc. for those of us who hate doing "trial and error" type installations. Surely "Sleeping Beauty" won't do it.





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                  My Installation is running generic Windows drivers in cases where specific 64 bit drivers such as audio where not available from Intel. I dont have problems with this.


                  Kind regards


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                    Hi all Intel DP35DP users....


                    No problems with windows 7 on Intel DP35Dp motherboard, only the problem is no audio drivers and Intel management enfine interface driver is missing... We can install intel management engine interface driver by coosing compatibility mode(windows vista).. and with the audio drivers no way, u have buy a soundcard for it, and with bios don't upgrade to 0572 bios it's having lot of issues and guys a doubt about ethernet drivers which version is the best drivers yet released for DP35DP........ Wait for new bios all DP35DP users request to intel via email or chat that's only we can do... Intel DP35DP is a good motherboard, it's falling because of unstable bios and poor drivers.... Low end motherboard intel dg31pr has windows 7 suuport but not for DP35DP P35 is a new chipset than dg31pr... it's only a business trick beacuse Dg31PR is selling like Choclate, it's cheap, so intel releases drivers and bios updates..... We will wait.... Plz Email them how much u can,,,,, Sorry for Bad English....

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                      It is a SHAME, for Intel, I mean. That's the problem with a company that monopolizes the market. For these guys there is NO antitrust law. And they also believe they are "good" software developers. If they were "close to mediocre" software developers, they would have, at least, released Win 7 drivers, utilities (sound) and more decent Bios versions. But no, they don't care about their products.



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                        Yeah mate ur correct it's a shame on u INTEL... No stable bios , nouthinng....... mail,mail........ Hello e1375 which is the best driver version for Dp35DP ethernet controller released yet plz reply so i have to install....

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                          stop blaming on intel !!.


                          do you think that intel software engineer only owkr on the board Dp35DP?


                          they need to do research and etc.

                          they need to leap ahead.


                          when something cannot be upgraded, it mean. it cannot be upgraded.


                          i am trying to get and find generic driver for Dp35DP to run on win 7 .. esp for the intel management engine..


                          so guys.. pls stop cursing intel..

                          intel need to compete with the others manufactorer. releasing out new processors and chipset which make your jaws drop ..

                          if that the case, why you still using dp35dp, Dp35dp is a 3 year old board did you guys know that??

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                            Windows 7 driver for the management engine is included in the latest Desktop Utilities released 1/25/2010, look here: http://downloadcenter.intel.com/Detail_Desc.aspx?agr=Y&ProdId=2782&DwnldID=18281&lang=eng.

                            Audio works fine for me with default Win7 driver, just office use though.

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                              Hmm... When uod and I originally startet this thread, it was with the issues regarding poor Win7 support on the board DP35DP in mind - and how to overcome them. I haven't read this thread for a while, and boy have some people got this wrong.. I've seen pretty much any kind of unuseful information there is now. Some write about a lawsuit, some write about how Intel shouldn't be bothered - even though this is a board, that is still in the sales (to my knowledge) - get a grip guys.. Or seek employment with Intel - whatever..


                              @Twincharger.. Hey man - nice to see someone actually keeping the spirit of the thread alive. I think I am going to give the new Desktop Utilities a go. Have you had any issues at all? Please advice!

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                                mate i'm not blaming intel....  ok... Intel DP35DP is a 3 years old, but in store it's selling,  ther are no stable bios at all for this motherboard and poor audio integrated chipset on this midrange motherboard even entry level dg31pr has a good REALTEK alc888 audio which has got monthly updates to drivers, IDT has no driver updates at all, Yeah core i7 and othermotherboards in a way bey for Software engineers they don't have to bother about competition ok.... waiting for an audio for 7 months ... that's ridiculous.... So much pain... Plz keep in mind there are some motherboards eg: 945 series which is atleat 4year old which has windows 7 support.... When windows 8 will out there will be no support for P55 series bet it... that's intel....  Audio Drivers can fully upgraded for windows 7 ,because there is no much change in audio architechture in windows 7 compared to vista... The problem is Intel is not Providing...that's it.....


                                anyone agree with me!!!!!!!!!!!!

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                                  ermmm .. twincharger..


                                  are you sure there is a driver for DP 35DP intel management engine for win 7?


                                  i spoke to the Mainboard developers from intel and they did not say anything about Dp35Dp running on win7 because of an hardware issue running in hybrid mode.