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        If it's a Dell, you can go to the current driver, then click on Other Version. Here's the list for XP on the OptiPlex 960:




        They don't show the, but there are versions before and after that one that might work.


        Mark Berry

        MCB Systems

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          Windows 7 x64 on a new HP 6000 here with the intel 82567LM-3 NIC chipset showing similar simptoms. Fixed IP/fixed DNS means no DHCP negotiation, but it's still slow on boot to get a connection which is causing problems getting authenticated on Samba shares. It's also periodically dropping my connection (bye-bye Samba until reboot!). The network icon in the lower right would show a yellow exclamation point, Windows thought it was connected to 'an unknown network', but IPCONFIG showed everything was OK and the NIC was clearly still there apparently in functional order. HOWEVER.... pinging to see if I was actually connected would work with maybe only dropping the first attempt, and I noticed as soon as I did that that the exclamation point would go away and all would appear 'healed'.


          My stupid-despiration-kludge was to drop a bat file into my startup folder that continuously pings a server on our network. With it pinging away down in the task bar all day, all is well. I'm calling this "NIC narcolepsy" and sincerely hope my incredibly silly work around has a limited lifespan until the driver can be updated!

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            I had network speed issues on an Intel DQ45EK motherboard and a Dell Latitude E6400 laptop, both running Windows 7 Pro 64-bit, and have the 82567LM NIC. Since the problems remained both at work and home with the Dell I deducted that the problem was with the card or drivers.


            When updating the drivers for the DQ45EK I seem to have resolved all issues when upgrading the network driver to Intel version, which I downloaded from here: http://downloadcenter.intel.com/SearchResult.aspx?lang=eng&ProductFamily=Desktop+Boards&ProductLine=Intel%C2%AE+4+Series+Chipset+Boards&ProductProduct=Intel%C2%AE+Desktop+Board+DQ45EK


            When that driver seemed ok for the motherboard NIC I tried it on the laptop too (blatantly disregarding the mention of "Desktop Boards" in the name, heh), and from what I can see everything is working fine now.




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              Hi Andre,


              I can't find a download for Win7x64 that contains a driver with verion


              Can you confirm what the PNPID is for your NIC?


              The one I've got is PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_10DE, which uses the e1k62x64 what is yours?




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                Hi Ben


                I'm at work now, so unfortunately I can't say  what the device Id is for the DQ45EK desktop motherboard. On the Dell laptop I  have pci\ven_8086&dev_10f5.

                The driver version I quoted is also from the laptop. Unfortunately I won't be able to check the desktop untill I get home...


                The driver was installed as part of the ""LAN: Intel® PRO Network Connections Driver for Intel® Desktop Boards for Windows 7" package that I downloaded and installed while trying to fix the problems with the DQ45EK. I tried linking directly to it in my previous post, but if that failed the package can be found when searching for drivers for DQ45EK and selecting the appropriate operating system.

                Just now I noticed the download description that says it will install driver version 14.8, but that is not the driver version that was installed, since the "Driver assembly version" value is on my computer after installation...







                Here is the some more info:


                PNP Device ID    PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_10F5&SUBSYS_02331028&REV_03\3&18D45AA6&0&C8
                Service Name    e1yexpress
                Driver                c:\windows\system32\drivers\e1y62x64.sys (, 282,71 KB (289 496 bytes), 20.10.2009 14:22)


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                  My mistake, the problem still exists on my DQ45EK  adapter...

                  I didn't notice earlier since the computer isn't in full use yet.  The initial link has been 1Gb/s everytime I have rebooted, instead of 10Mb/s like it used to be before the driver update, but there was one  disconnect and subsequent reconnect at 10Mb/s in the eventlog. Running  the Intel PROSet Diagnostic hardware test disconnected the card from the  network, and when it reconnected the speed was back up at Gigabit speed.


                  It might still be worth a try with that driver  to see if it helps on your card, but unfortunately it doesn't seem to be stable either.


                  Here is the info for that  adapter:


                  Name                 [00000007] Intel(R)  82567LM-3 Gigabit Network Connection

                  PNP Device ID     PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_10DE&SUBSYS_10048086&REV_02\3&11583659&0&C8

                  Service  Name     e1kexpress

                  Driver                  c:\windows\system32\drivers\e1k62x64.sys (, 287,17 KB (294 064  bytes), 10.12.2009 09:37)




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                    I'm having the same issues as everyone else here on several newly purchased HP 6000 Pro Microtowers with the embedded 82567LM-3.

                    The towers came preinstalled with WinXP Pro SP3 and the 2008 drivers. The disconnects happened with the all drivers available at HP (2008-2010).

                    Luckily, I had 6 unused Belkin NICs laying around and installed those and disabled the Intels. Problem solved; but not a good solution for Intel.

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                      It seems that a simple "Roll Back Driver" has solved my problems. After the roll-back the driver version is restored to (driver provider: Microsoft, c:\windows\system32\drivers\e1k60x64.sys (, 215,50 KB (220 672  bytes), 10.06.2009 22:35)).

                      From what I have seen over the last days the connection is stable at 1Gbps now, just like others have reported with this driver earlier in the discussion.




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                        hi, same problem, same computer. HP 6000 PRO, windows 7 professional 32 bit and intel 82567 LM3.

                        tried all possible drivers from intel and hp website. updated firmware, controller driver and bios. + windows 7 update
                        installed a 100mb pci lan card, everything is perfect.
                        if we force the gigabit ethernet link speed at 100, problem still exist.
                        fixing the IP solves the issue. we don't have the problem on notebook. so looks like there's really some kind of bad driver management of that network set. (82567 LM3, fyi).


                        slow network access at startup is what we have, with "network access" starting late because of network link not engaging fast. (it takes up to 20sec after desktop shows and we get "unable to reconnect network drives" or no network drives mapped at all. vary after every reboot).
                        we have bought 200+ HP desktop to replace old ones, and we are now in difficult on what to do.
                        we don't want to fix ip for all machines nor install a pci card.

                        we have tried to change all the possible configurable options of the network card but nothing changed.
                        looks like it has something to do with the chipset or the management of it by the drivers. any idea ?






                        ps. tried 100mb hp switch, 1 gb cisco portfast spanning tree enabled. same result. slow network engaging @ win 7 startup. takes load to "identifying network" or getting the dhcp released ip.

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                          rosettimarino, you say you tried "all possible drivers from intel and hp website." Did you try the native Microsoft driver included with Windows 7? Rolling back to that is what solved it for me (on Dell Optiplex 960). Careful not to use Windows Update to get the latest driver--it's also bad.


                          Sure would be nice to hear that Intel had identified and fixed this problem!


                          Mark Berry

                          MCB Systems

                          • 40. Re: 82567LM keeps showing disconnect in event log

                            This is driving me crazy. First windows will tell me I have an Ethernet cable unplugged... then it will tell me the network adapter is having issues. I installed on the machine and it still will not pop! So frustrating. Just make it work like it was last night...

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                              Sniffing around it seems that setting the advanced config to 10Mbits full duplex is the only way for it to work at all... What the what?!

                              • 42. Re: 82567LM keeps showing disconnect in event log

                                hi, yes.

                                we did. clean window 7 install and then installed intel, HP and last windows update (that infact downloads a new driver).
                                workgroup or domain doesn't change. DHCP lease take close to 30 secs after you see the desktop to come up. clean install no service or heavy tasks on.
                                100mb intel pci card, works smooth, lan up. gigabit port with 100mb connection gives the same issue. limiting the port to 100 doesn't work as well.
                                haven't tried yet with capping it to 10mbit but really, rather would prefer to set a fix IP.


                                thanks, bye

                                • 43. Re: 82567LM keeps showing disconnect in event log

                                  You say you installed "last windows update (that infact downloads a new driver)." When I tried it, if I let Windows apply the driver update (which was an optional update), the connection started failing again. Once I rolled back the driver to version (with the Dell gigabit switch still in Fast Link or portfast mode), the problems stopped.


                                  Mark Berry

                                  MCB Systems

                                  • 44. Re: 82567LM keeps showing disconnect in event log

                                    "we did. clean window 7 install and then installed intel, HP and last windows update (that infact downloads a new driver)."

                                    I'm sorry, probably I didn't write the correct way.
                                    I mean, we tried with a clean windows 7 install, then we tried with intel drivers and rolling back, we finished trying all the others, but no luck.
                                    we tried the universal HP drivers suggested on their forum but nothing. at the moment we are using fixed IP addresses, since even setting the gigabit integrated card to 100mb solves the problem. nor do a 100mb connection cable on the gigabit port. only way was installing a separate PCI network card (intel but different controller, automatically and correctly discovered by win 7 like the gigabit integrated one.)

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