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    DX58SO with i7 920- booting problem


      I got this new set yesterday, and was very happy to try it out.

      But no matter how I try, I couldn't get Windows 7 Ultimate to load onto the HDD.

      Now I am able to boot XP onto this new set, but I can't configue how to get W7 Ultimate onto this new set?


      For some reason, no matter how I try to set in the BIOS with hitting F2 at startup, when I set it to start with CD/DVD-ROM, and having starting HDD as last, it would not read the DVD-ROM with Windows 7 in it, but it will try to do the network boot, which is weird.


      I need help to know how to set the board so that it would read the DVD-ROM on startup, because I have done re-boot so many times that this is just the most weird thing I have ever met so far. Just needing to know how to set the BIOS to read DVD-ROM upon startup.


      Thanks a million to those who helped.


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