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    Wireless 4965AGN does not provide speeds higher then 72 Mbps


      I just upgraded my Toshiba Satellite M155 S3154 laptop from its original intel model WM3945ABG wireless card to the intel 4965AGN.  I added a new Trendnet 300 Mbps Wireless Easy-N-Upgrader TEW-637AP wireless access point.  I installed the latest 4965AGN driver and the latest firmware for the WAP.  I followed the directions for the WAP to allow for G/N communications - I still have one laptop that uses G.  I tested all 11 channels to see which channel provides the best communications.  There was really no difference in the 11 channels so I set the channel to "auto".  After doing all these tasks, i get no higher then 74 Mbps.  Communications speeds varies between 58-72 Mbps.  I am using WIndows 7 32 bit Home Edition.  I get these values by opening the network and sharing center and then opening the wireless network connection properties.  Signal strengths remains on 5 bars.


      I noticed that when i replaced my original wireless card, it had two connectors for the attenna; however, it seems that the 4965AGN has connections for three antenna wires.  they are labeled 1,2 and 3.  The original card's antenna connections were not labeled.  so I connected the black wire to the same end connector on the 4965AGN card as the original card and the white wire to the same end connector as the original card.  Nothing is connected to the center connector on the 4965AGN.


      Can anyone tell me (1) do have that the antenna connections correct and (2) how can i increase speeds to over 72 Mbps as N is suppose to provide.