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    DP55WB... video error build?


           I bought a bare-bones Intel Kit from Tigerdirect for my first build.  It came with the DP55WB Motherboard, the Intel i5 750 proccessor, 4 GB RAM, and a case, power supply, and 1TB HD.  I purchased the Galaxy GeForce 9600 GT Video card on the side.  I assembled everything, and on start-up, I hear two beeps, which the user-manual tells me means video error.  The DP55WB has no on-board video, and I have no way of knowing what to do.  Any advice?

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          Hi there,


          Getting 2 beeps does not really meant video error based on this link. However I can't be sure if these beeps codes are still applicable to these new series boards.


          Best way to troubleshoot is to strip the system down to basic components only.

          Connect only the cpu and it's fan, power supply and motherboard and power on the system. You should generally get 2 beeps, which clearly indicates a memory error which is obvious since we have not connected the memory yet.


          If you get the three beeps, power down the system, add 1 module of memory, the graphics card, the keyboard, and the monitor. Do not connect anything else. Now power up the system.


          If at this stage you still get the 2 beeps, then you can try to swap the memory module with the other ones.

          If still getting the two beeps after the tests above then it would be advisable to test the system with another compatible memory model and also with different graphics card.


          Also, as last resource you may also try to clear the cmos by removing the motherboard battery and put it back after about 15 minutes or so.


          Make sure the memory that you are using is compatible with the system as using incompatible memory modules may damage the board as well as the processor. If you think the memory does not satisfy the specifications for this board, you can contact your reseller and ask them for supported memory.


          Please note, these systems are very sensible to memory.


          Hope this will be useful to you.



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            Same site, same kit, same problem.  I wish that I could offer you some rememedy, but I'm lacking   However, it seems to be a problem with me (us) or our boards because 1)Either we aren't seating the card fully—I swear that isn't the case, but maybe the case isn't providing enough back pressure to seat fully?—or 2)They are honestly defective mother boards.  Hey, six sigma is great, but you can still have production errors.


            If this thread grows a lot, maybe Intel will honor their warranty to make new customers into long term customers   The CPU rocks, too.

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              Hi guys,


              I recently ordered a computer for my dad, the parts of which I hand-picked from a list based on their specs. The DP55WB was the motherboard I chose. I also added 4Gb of Corsair XMS memory, an ATI HD5770, the i5-720 2.66Ghz cpu, and two 500Gb hard drives to set up RAID for him.


              The only problem this setup has shown so far (it's been running since the beginning of January) is with the graphics card. It has two DVI outputs along with the HDMI and some other thing. Since the lcd we bought didn't come with an HDMI cable even though it has an HDMI input, we used the supplied DVI cable. The problem was that the computer, upon booting, would sometimes send the video output to the DVI port to which the screen was not connected, instead of the port the screen was connected to. So I thought that it could perhaps be some arbitrary bios setting that might be causing this (stupid me). I changed a few of the PCI Express settings, from things like auto to enabled, and off to on, or vice versa, but I did not change any settings with numerical values.I saved and exited, and the computer seemed to boot fine.


              Now the trouble started:

              Once the computer was shut down, and started up again, the display would remain black, and after a few seconds I would get those two beeps. I checked the quick reference quide to see what it meant, and it turned out to be a video error. I then proceeded to follow the instructions supplied, by removing the CMOS battery for "one minute", which did not work, so I removed it for five minutes still with no luck. I then came onto Intel's website in an attempt to find a solution. All I could find was more detailed instructions than those written in the quick reference, which said I should remove the battery for an HOUR, which I did. Once again, no luck. It still gives me the two beeps, a 3 second pause, and two beeps again.


              Next thing I tried was swapping graphics cards. I took out the Radeon, and put the 8600GT from my machine in there to see if that would make any difference - but no, still nothing has changed. I tried removing the CMOS jumper, which, according to the quick reference and the manual, would put the computer into a "recovery" mode. When I did this there were no more beeps, but still no display. Apparently this recovery mode shows some sort of recovery menu which allows you to recover the BIOS in the event that a BIOS update had failed for whatever reason.


              This was all last night. Its 9AM now, and I've left out the CMOS battery since then... so its been out of the machine now for about 10 / 11 hours, and will be out until I get off work at 5PM. If that does not work, which I doubt it will, then I am at a loss.. for more than just words.


              I hope someone, somewhere can shed some light on this.

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                We have the same board DP55WB but mine has the radeon 4670. Got this since December. If my memory is right I got the same problem last December. What I did is to let the primary viseo adapter setting in the bios set to auto (default). I tried setting it to one of the two options aside from auto and I got that error. Hope this will help you.

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                  I think I had this one set to PCIe if I remember correctly. (thats if it's the same setting)


                  I got back from work now and stuck the battery back into the pc, but still have the same problem - no display and two beeps.


                  How did you manage to reset your BIOS settings?

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                    I followed the given instruction. That is transfer the reset switch to 2-3 position and start the computer. The computer will immediately open the bios without you pressing anything. Once in the bios change the setting that you want then select save before exiting. You should see the message displayed on screen to turn off your computer and put back the reset switch to 1-2 position. Then switch it back on.

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                      But the error means its not detecting the video card.. how do you see whats going on when you do that? There is no display coming though?

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                        Correction to my instruction: Pull the power cable of the computer to forced it off. Transfer reset switch position to 2-3 position. Then put the power cable back. Follow the instruction given earlier.

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                          I'm sorry, I also do not know why it is behaving that way. Perhaps a bug in the bios? This is my thinking "if set to auto the bios will autodetect the video card and set it to operate properly". And I find this to be working in my case.

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                            No sorry, I dont think you understand. The whole problem is that when you switch the computer on, it does not display anything, because it doesnt detect the graphics card. Thats why you get those beeps.

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                              I'm just telling you that what you have observed in your computer is also what I have observed then. Setting the primary video adapter to pci-e (option) resulted to the beep error and no display. So what I did is to put it back to auto. To put it back to auto, I pulled the power cable from the computer to forced it off. Then put the switch to 2-3 position. Put the power cable back then change the bios setting of the primary video adapter to auto. Select save before exiting. I really do not know what's going on with the computer. Maybe it has detected the card but it detected it erroneously. Or it could be a bug in the bios! But what I have done so far has corrected the problem.

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                                Ok the problem is fixed.


                                I tried setting the jumper to the 2-3 position yesterday and I did not get any display. Now I tried it again, and there I have a display and the computer went into the BIOS on its own.  I'm guessing that removing the CMOS battery fixed this.



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                                  You will find the resetting instruction in the DP55WB product guide pdf file.


                                  Glad to hear that the problem is now fixed.