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    Windows 7 64 bits Freeze


      Hi, I installed my Asus EN8800GT on a motherbord Intel DQ45CB and the PC freezes randomly in Windows 7 64 bits.


      Can anyone help me?


      Thank you

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          Did it work before without the GPU?

          Have you got another OS to test?

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            Does it freeze at the desktop, during boot, or during gaming, or at all times?



            As suggested above:



            - Can you test it in another machine?


            - Is the fan spinning on the video card?


            - Check that your power supply meets the requirements on the 8800GT box

               (I've read this card needs 400W with 26A on the 12v rail minimum, but you could get away with less Amps if the card was on the rail by itself)

            See the sticker on your power supply for the details.  If the power supply is 400W, but a couple years old, it may be weak.


            - Check that required power cables are connected to video card - try not to have any other devices on the same rail/powerline if

            the problem persists.


            - Make sure that a 6 pin PCI-E rail is going to the card and not "4-pin that fits" - some power supplies will have a 4 pin plug that could fit in video cards.


            see here for all about power supply cables/connectors:





            Other things to try:


            - Try the Microsoft drivers on their own, without any other ASUS/nvidia applications.




            - Try the latest drivers ASUS recommends.


            Try the ASUS support forums for this issue.... they deal with those cards all day long

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              Yes It works on mobo Asus P5B before I buy a EVGA GT 250.

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                It freeze when I entred information for Windows 7 (Name and Password) for the firs time. I reboot and insert information whit succes. After it freeze after between 1 or 5 minutes.  I cannot install last version of asus drivers because I don't have enough time for.


                For the moment I don't have an other mobo for test ans yes the fan spin.


                My power supply was a thermaltake 600w I test it with a antec 650w and it freeze too. The connector was correct.


                I write this issue on Asus forum and at this time I got no response.


                Thanks you all for suggestions.

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                  Try to run Windows in safe mode:



                  Press F8 when the computer is starting until you get a menu that allows you to select "Safe Mode" - safe mode will bypass

                  many of the system drivers and load only defaults. If it crashes in Safe Mode, then software is not likely the problem.


                  Depending on the BIOS revision, it might help to flash the BIOS.  I suggest using the onboard video to flash the BIOS.  Disconnect the 8800GT and plug the monitor into the onboard motherboard video output.  Then, flash to the latest BIOS.  After it is done and it reboots, power down and reinstall 8800GT and see if that helps


                  The release notes mention several video fixes that BIOS updates fixed.  Maybe this will help.



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                    Hello MisterIT,

                    Thank you for your help, flash the BIOS has set my video card problem, it also correct the fan casing of traffic turning 1200rpm at 0 rpm and goes to 1200rpm so.

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                      Two days ago, at bios loading I had the message fastboot error~ (or something like that), and so on I have restarted it than everything was loaded normaly.. The message is not showing up again in bios loading, but right  now my pc always stops (freezes) at all time. I reinstalled windows twice, but it still freezes. It freezes everywhere, on the boot, when loading windows with logo, when shuting down or just in my desktop.. I checked with chkdsk in cmd.exe my hardware everything seems fine, than I formated it (with long format), no errors showed up, no strange noises, I cheked memory 3 times nothing showed up too. I just feel that it could be bios error or something like that.. I have updated bios last summer from intel, everything was fine until last two days.. What it could I don't know, virus damaged my motherboard? I was with kaspersky antivirus 2011. Or just unknown bios errors.. And by the way, when I wan't to get in my bios settings f2 button not always works, yesterday I pushing realy a lot that key until I get in bios settings, I was changed everything in default, but the problem is the same,  All the time I was using a fast boot settings in my bios and everything was working fine.

                      System: Intel DH61BE desktop motherboard, processor Intel i5 2320 3ghz. Seagate 1 Tb. 8 gb ram, gforce 550 Ti video card.

                      OS: Windows 7 64

                      Thank you for help