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    Intel motherboard DG43GT and BFG nvidia 8400 GS PCI slot card...

      Alright I've almost completely narrowed it down as incompatible. I plug the card in...BIOS is set to automatic detecting of video card.

      Press power button, beeps once..no display OR KEYBOARD lights. Odd.

      Tried 3 cards, that being one. One worked the other two didn't. The one that did is a piece of junk 32 meg card! That won't play any modern games..

      My friend is trying to get my to trade it in and get an 8800 GTS by Nvidia, which is a PCI-Express card.

      Good slot, good card, incompatible? Meh.


      As well, the 8800 GTS how do I know if it, or some other card, is compatible without paying a fortune?