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    Intel 5300 Half Mini PCI-E card issues


      I have an Acer 11.6" Aspire One AO751H netbook. I want to upgrade the wireless-G to N. This model takes the half size mini pci-e cards. I just recently purchased the Intel Ultimate N WiFi Link 5300 card. Installed it yesterday, booted the computer, computer POSTs, so far so good. It recognized the card right away and the driver installation was successful. The wifi activity light works, the card is recognized, and the card's radio is on, but it is unable to detect any networks. It just flashes that little balloon at the bottom saying "wireless networks unavailable". Try to refresh the network list, and i still get nothing. I tried turning the card off, then on again, but nothing. I checked on the driver in Device Manager, and it says it is functioning properly.

      I have the most up-to-date BIOS and I am running 32-bit XP Pro (downgraded from the factory installed VISTA). I was wondering if maybe there was an issue with the antennas? The 5300 card has 3 antenna inputs, but the laptop only has two antennas. I was told on numerous forums that it would still function fine with only two antennas, however. I obtained the most up-to-date driver for the card right from intel's website and it installed without any issues at all. Does anyone have any input on to why this card seems to have installed fine, but cannot detect wireless networks? I don't think there is any defects with the card.  Is it possible that it just isnt compatible with my netbook (Aspire One AO751H), or maybe the chipset (which isn't actually an intel chipset, intel just stuck their name on it)?  Or maybe this card just will not function without 3 antennas hooked up, although I heard it would function with only 2.


      I just feel that if there was a compatibility issue, the computer wouldn't POST, wouldnt recognize the card, would flash error messages, something would be going on.  Below I have posted some pictures in order for everyone to get a better idea of my situation.  What could be wrong?


      It is unable to recognize any networks, but the card is enabled and "on", and the radio is functioning, it just cannot detect networks.




      This is the old card.  It has an "AUX" (Auxilary) and a "MAIN" input.  The black wire went to the MAIN, and the white went to the AUX.


      This is what the new card looks like in the unit.  The intel 5300 has three inputs.  I have tried many different configurations with the wires and none have worked.