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    Simple Question from Nooby upgrading CPU


      Hi everyone, i have a very simple question that I though it would get straight from the Intel community board. I am upgrading my computer from an Intel P4 2.4 Ghz to an Intel P4 3.20E Ghz with Hyperthreading.


      My mobo is an ASUS P4P800 SE and i have already checked the ASUS site for compatibility and I have the latest BIOS. All is good.


      But, my one question is: Will my BIOS automatically recognize the new CPU and adjust the settings or do I have to manually update the BIOS after I install the new CPU. For example, will the bus speed automatically adjust itself?  My motherboard has a bunch of auto features but the manual doesn't say anything about automatically recognizing a new CPU.


      Also, is there anything else I should keep in mind for after I install my new CPU?


      Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!!!!!!