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    My X25M (160GB, gen 1) just died...


      My machine suddenly froze up.  I did a force power off then back on,

      and it wouldn't boot from the SSD.  I'm using OS X -- it just

      shows a blinking folder with a ?.


      I've only had the drive for ~9 months.


      I pulled the SSD and installed it in a Linux box, ran smartctl, and

      the drive claimed it had no errors in its log.  No reallocated

      sectors.  (What else should I look at?).


      I ran "parted" (prints partition tables) and it printed a warning that

      the drive has a GPT table but not a "valid fake msdos partition

      table" (?).


      I use smartctl to run the self tests, and strangely they all quickly

      claimed to be "Completed without error" yet list 30% under



      So then I tried to use "dd" to do a raw copy of all bytes on the

      disk.  This failed at around 97GB, and added 17 errors to the smart

      log.  I ran this again and it failed at the same spot, adding

      another 12 errors in the smart log.


      Next I'll try the Intel SSD Toolkit... looks like it just came back.


      Has anyone else experienced their Intel SSDs fail...?  Any suggestions

      what to try/do next?