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    how to downgrade dp35dp bios


      Hello. I'm having compatibility problems with an intel E7500 CPU and an intel DP35DP motherboard. I have the latest BIOS version (0572) and i consider my problem will solve once i use 0484 BIOS version. I tryed to downgrade BIOS to the version i want using my old CPU intel E4500 but it's not working. How can i make it work?


      Thanks in advance.

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          For more information after trying to install the older BIOS version and automatic reboot, before computer loads Windows i get the following error message:

          "The firmware has detected the a CMOS Check Error occured.

          Press the Enter key to continue."


          I would realy love some professional help to get this done as i'm not too good at it.

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            Hi there,


            Some motherboards may not allow you to downgrade the bios to certain version due to some microcode changes that are irreversible, however on this board this is not the case. I assume you are using the Express Bios update, this will not always work. The best way to downgrade bios on a motherboard will be by doing it using the bios recovery method. You can download the specfic bios version you want from the download centre. Make sure you download the bios recovery file only, it will be one file only which has .BIO extension.


            Put this file onto an EMPTY (non-bootable) cd or usb pen drive.

            Power off the system, remove the bios configuration jumper, plug in the usb containing the .BIO file.

            Start the system, the bios recovery process will start.

            After the recovery is complete, you will be prompted to power down the system, put the bios jumper back to the normal position and then power on your system.

            If everything has been done properly, you will then be running at your required bios version.

            That's it. It is very easy.


            Please try this and let me know how it goes.


            Also note that you cannot downgrade the bios to a version earlier that 0437. This is impossible, even by bios recovery.


            FYI: on the supported processor list, where it says that this processor requires bios 0484 - this does not mean that you have to have this specific bios version to use this processor, this is only the minimum bios version required to run this cpu. Bios fixes are incremental, so any changes that have been made in earlier version of bios will always reflect on later revisions.


            Hope this will be useful to you.



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              I followed your instructions and everything worked like a charm. What's even better is that my problem got solved this way.

              Here is a link with another post of mine on this forum asking for help with compatibility problem between intel DP35DP motherboard and intel E7500 CPU that I've just solved. I find it being very very curious and I'm posting it as i consider it being quite important for anyone useing the same motherboard as i do.



              Thanks alot for your answer!

              Sorry for the bad english.

              Cheers all!

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                hey unplugged_24...



                thats the same way how i repair dead DP35DP !!




                and bless ya all