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    Use on-board DVI-D simultaneously with PCI-e card?


      I'm looking for a micro ATX, Intel chipset-based motherboard with on-board graphics where I can use the on-board DVI-D port (or HDMI port or digital part of DVI-I port) simultaneously with a PCI-e 16x graphics card plugged in.  I've done a pretty exhaustive search, and almost all such boards seem to disable their on-board digital video output ports (but leave analog video output enabled) if a PCI-e graphics card is inserted.  I've been able to verify this in the product guide PDF's of Intel micro-atx motherboards except for the following two models: DB43LD and DG41TY, for which the manuals say nothing about the on-board digital video output being disabled in the presence of a PCI-e 16x card.  Can anyone verify for me that for those two boards, the on-board digital video output can be used with a PCI-e 16x card?  FYI, I also want 1920x1200 resolution on the digital output ports.