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        Unfortunately, I tried that same thing on my two Core i7/860s and two weeks later, had to rebuild.  Switched to the Intel® Rapid Storage Technology and have had no issues since install on November 11.

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          I'm posting back here now with my experiences, after having run IRST 9.5 since November 11 on a RAID 1.



          So far, no issues, drive drops, or unexpected rebuilds. I've installed Win 7 x64 twice on this computer since 11/11, with the same results (second install was a couple of weeks ago because of a boo boo I caused). Prior to installing 9.5, I had downgraded to 8.8 and had no issues.



          The only two 9.5 rebuilds that occured were because of a power failure and a system lockup that required a hard reboot. Both of these rebuilds were expected and automatic, since the drives had to re-sync to each other.



          A recent posting by "terrahawk" points out one detail I haven't seen many discuss, including myself: When using IRST > Manage > Advanced, I did manually invoke the use of the "Initialize" feature before allowing IRST to "Verify" the drives. I've only done the "Initialize" twice, once for each install of Win 7. After that, IRST took care of itself and the drives and I've had no problems since 11/11 and the second install a couple of weeks ago. After both installs, I went through the usual routine of transfering data over from backups, installing apps, defragging, etc. No issues.



          Now, I'm suspecting that others may NOT be using the "Initialize" feature before "Verifying", which may be leading to their issues with 9.5. Another reason for issues may be the hard drives themselves. I'm using the Western Digital RE3 Enterprise drives, which seem to avoid problems caused by the use of normal HDs (There's a well documented firmware difference between standard and RE3 enterprise drives).



          Anyway, all is well so far using IRST 9.5.





          1)  Installed latest chipset driver for the board before latest BIOS and IRST install

          2)  Installed the latest 3878 BIOS before upgrading to IRST 9.5

          3)  IRST upgrades over IMSM 8.8 and leaves the drives intact. No reinstall of O/S required

          4)  Ran IRST Initialization, then Volume Verification & Repair after - Found 3 errors and repaired them (This is under Manage button > Advanced)



          Motherboard: Intel DP55KG

          CPU: Intel Core i7 860

          O/S: Windows 7 Ultimate x64

          RAM: 8GB

          Storage: RAID 1 on x2 WD RE3 hard drives

          Video: Dual PCIE 2.0 x16 ATI vid cards

          Ethernet: Intel Pro Lan Driver 14.7

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            Just thought I'd pipe in and say that it looks like I'm having this problem also.  Got a new PC about a week and a half ago, and since about a week ago I've been getting hard drive failures on my RAID 10 array.  It's getting to the point that I can't even finish a rebuild after a drive fails without some other drive failing.  I'm really hoping IRST 9.5 gets released soon.  All this constant rebuilding I've been doing can't be good.

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              I'm so glad I found this forum.

              I've been dealing with this problem very sporadically for about a month. I had two RAID volumes - a RAID 0 SSD set for the system and RAID 5 set for the data. At first I had it appear a couple of times on the RAID 0 set, so I replaced them with a WD Velocoraptor - figuring it might be some issue with the SSD drives (being a newer technology). It's not quite as fast, but is good enough.

              Then yesterday one of the RAID 5 drives showed the problem. I replaced the drive, but was skeptical it was really a bad drive, so started searching only to discover this forum. I upgraded yesterday to the drivers. I won't really be confident they solved the problem for a week or two - since the problem was very sporadic. But the rebuild drive on the RAID 5 volume was 3 1/2 hours instead of what was looking to be two full days. Another 3 1/2 hours to do a verify and make sure all went well.


              The useful piece of information here - I did not wait until the rebuild was complete on the 8.9 drivers - I did the upgrade when the rebuild was about 3% complete. I did not experience any problems with the rebuild or the subsequent verification. This was a RAID 5 set with three 1TB drives.


              Now I just hope this driver really does solve the problem, and am grateful to whoever it was that made it "unofficially" available.

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                Heres a video of the raid controller causing the drives to fail every few seconds on the 9.5 drivers. Issue went away (for the most part) when going back to 8.8 (but it still does it now and again...)




                Listen for the really horrible clicking sound and the sound of the drives powering back up. The sound I normally associate with imminent drive failure.


                The two active lights are the two drives in RAID1.

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                  Can an admin please sticky this to the first page:


                  The Intel Matrix Storage Manager 8.9 has been replaced by:


                  Intel Rapid Storage Technology and the current version is 9.6.


                  Since this is on page 35 of this tread, it is not likely that people will see it.  It is also not easy to find that the name of the software has changed, so there are still likely people out there that are having this issue and are blaming hardware.


                  I spent three hours searching the web to find out that it was just a software name change and that there was a newer version then 8.9, which was causing a lot of false positive drive failures.



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                    I downloaded RST9.6 and I get a message saying "This computer does not meet the minimum requirements for installing the software". I seriously doubt that, because it's a Win7 Ultimate x-64 (all updates and drivers current), i7 875k (not overclocked), 4GB Corsair, 620W Corsair PSU, Asus P7P55D-E Pro, MSM 8.9 and 2x1TB Hitachi Deskstar 7200 in RAID 1 (mirrored). Everything is running cooly, properly seated, etc, but MSM 8.9 has been rebuilding the RAID array around 1/week (1 month old machine I built), sometimes twice, often after the system has been asleep (hibernation is OFF). Today I go to start MSM console, and get "The RAID plugin failed to load, because the driver is not installed correctly" and "the serial ATA plugin failed to load because the driver is not installed correctly". I tried re-installing MSM 8.9, but got the "your system sucks" message, then tried to upgrade to RST9.6 and get the same message. Am I missing something? The system runs fine, both drives connected and appear in BIOS, Thanks for any help.

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                      Is the 9.6 driver a permanent fix to this or is the 8.8 driver still the way to go?  I had been running the 8.8 driver for a while but got some more errors yesterday so I switched to the 9.6 driver again.

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                        Looks like this mad thread got unlocked...

                        The other thread “Random drive fails with new Rapid Storage Technology 9.6?” that was started after Rapid Storage Technology fixed the problem for most.


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                          Hello, just a note to say thank you to everyone on this thread, and to Intel for finally fixing this problem.  I had 8.9 in a raid 10 configuration that gave me the fits, and actually returned two Hitachi 1TB drives erroneously thinking it was a hard drive failure.  When I found this thread I went back to 8.8, and it solved only part of the problem.  With 8.9 there were daily if not hourly failures, with 8.8 the machine would lock up, completely non-responsive, about once a week.  Since I installed version 9.6 there have been no failures (for one month).  I found the Rapid Storage Technology software on my own, as there were very vague hints that it was an update to version 8.9.  I don't know why it should be kept secret, so tell everyone who is afflicted by the old problem. 

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                            Hi all, I'm new to the Forum, but I've been lurking here and watching this thread for some time as I have so far had three WD Caviar Black 640GB drive "failures" plus three spontaneous rebuilds over the last 9 months, one of which was a disk that had reported as failed but changed its mind.  I am running RAID 1 with  disks 0 & 1 for OS and programs, and disks 2 &  3 for Data.  All disks are identical.


                            I have downloaded the file IATA88ENU.EXE from the INTEL drivers site but cannot find straight information on how to install it.  The associated text file seems to deal only with new installations.


                            Could somebody with the relevant expertise please spell out the steps required to replace the current version 8.9.1023 with 8.8? I've had some 'expert' advice offered which says "just run it' but although there is no 'how' issue (I know how to run an exe file) it is where I run it from, and what the status of the computer has to be at the time that I need to clarify. I have these reservations because this is my business computer, so continuity and security of data is critical. However, I know just enough to be dangerous, and not enough to avoid trouble.


                            For example, if the existing driver is in use and I just locate the driver on my computer (it is in my 'downloads' folder) and run it from there with the computer up and running normally, could a conflict occur during the brief period when the old driver is being removed and the new driver installed, and if it did would my RAID system fall over?


                            At the present time my only option seems to be to disconnect from the web, close all programs  (or do a clean reboot to the desktop) then double-click to run the file from my "downloads" folder.


                            I am sure that I am not alone in this confusion, and it wouldn't matter if the computer wasn't critical to my work.  Naturally I will make a full back up of my data anyway, but reloading all my programs and configuring them takes several days so I don't want to go down that path again this year!



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                              The real issue is that Intel changed the name of the software from Matrix Storage Manager to RST (Intel® Rapid Storage Technology)




                              Download this version and you should be laughing:


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                                In my posting http://communities.intel.com/thread/20003?tstart=0 I'm using RST version


                                I'm still getting lots of Eventid 9 (\Device\IDE\iastor0) timeouts.

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                                  I am having the exact same problem with four ST31000340NS in a RAID 5 on a Windows Server 2008 R2. I tried installing RST 10, before stumbling onto this thread, It could not connect to the service so I ended up uninstalling it and reverting back to 8.9 of the Matrix. Had I known then I would have backed off to 8.8 or 8.7. Backleveling does not sound like the right thing to do but its my next move. 

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                                    The same thing happened to my RAID just after I used the Disk2VHD from the server I was migrating directly to a volume on my array.