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    Help whit compatible processors Core 2 Duo in Intel Chipset 945GM??


      Help, i want to change my processor in a laptop toshiba U200 that originaly comes whit T2300 Core Duo 1.66Ghz 2Mb Cache, 1Gb Ram and 100Gb HD and Intel 945GM Chipset.

      My question it´s compatible the T7200 2.0Ghz 4Mb Cache whit my chipset? it´s the same socket? because some friend give to me.

      I´ve Upgrade my laptop whit 4gb ram and 320 Hd already

      In toshiba support.com also i´ve upgrade the BIOS to the version 3.7 that supports Vista, XPand W7, already have W7 installed and it gives bios support for intel T5300 but no say nothing about T7000 series the basic change it´s the Cache L2 size memory in my T2300 it´s 2Mb and in T7200 it´s 4Mb it´s that a problem, ive seen on the net Laptops whit that combination Intel 945GM and T7200, please help me, Can i Change it??????


      This is the history of toshiba BIOS:


      Version 3.70 - 2007-06-05

      • A change was made to prevent lock ups at the Toshiba Logo when installing SafeGuard Easy Encryption software in Windows XP.

      Version 3.60 - 2007-05-24

      • A BIOS update was applied due to Intel's request.
      • Corrected: System boot failure when powered on with a "Vertex USB mouse with built-in memory" connected to the USB port.

      Version 3.50 - 2007-03-15

      • Added: T5300 CPU support.
      • A maximum of 256MB of system memory will be used as a video RAM when the computer is configured with 1GB or more of system memory under Vista. (A Display Driver update is also required.)
      • This BIOS supports both Windows XP and Vista.

      Version 3.40 - 2007-02-14

      • CPU support added: Optimized heat control during low-temperature operations.
      • This BIOS supports both Windows XP and Vista.

      Version 3.30 - 2006-12-27

      • Added: Windows Vista capabilities
      • Added: Toshiba Device Access Control Utility V2.0 support
      • Added: Intel requirements for Core2 Duo (Improved stability when using Core2 Duo as a Single Core Processor)
      • Modified: The LCD refresh rate is no longer 59Hz in Vista. (VGA BIOS change)
      • Modified: Pixel Clock (VGA BIOS change)
      • Corrected: The combination of a Vista-capable SYSTEM BIOS and non-BitLocker Boot Block no longer shows an exclamation (!) mark for the TPM Device in Windows XP Device Manger.

      Version 1.50 - 2006-12-06

      • Incorporated Intel requirements for improved chipset stability.

      Version 1.40 - 2006-09-25

      • Applied the Napa Refresh for Merom CPUs
      • Made changes to comply with June 2006 Intel logo specifications
      • Made changes to comply with the Intel Core2 Duo Mobile Processor BIOS Writer's Guide R0.90.
      • Made changes to comply with the Intel Core Duo Mobile Processor BIOS Writer's Guide R1.00. (Changed Processor Family Code)
      • Corrected: The CRT image is displayed even though LCD+Analog RGB is selected as the Power On Display setting.