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trouble shoot DP43TF POST Problem

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There's some history associated with this problem; I'll try to keep it brief.


Over the last several months booting my computer with its EVGA 780i SLI mobo had become increasingly difficult. This mobo has digital readouts for POST and indicated that it was stalling on C1 which is a memory problem. I could start it, eventually by hitting reset over and over and eventually it would cycle through. Once it booted up it would work fine (you could turn it off / restart it etc.) until it was turned off for the night.


One day, that process, hitting the reset over and over quit working.


I had had the memory tested independently long ago and the memory was fine. I assumed the mobo was at fault again. (Been through several already) I have a warranty with EVGA to replace it.


Meanwhile I really needed access to my data etc.


So I procured an intel DP43TF mobo. I figured that I could put this in and use my components (intel core duo, SATA drives, vid card) to get the machine up and running and later on use this board to build another machine.


Well, I get everything installed. I check and double check everything.


When I fire it up this board is giving me 3 longs beeps at startup.


After a small search I find that this indicates a memory problem.


I'm thinking that maybe the memory is bad now.


So, being the good troubleshooter, I take the memory to a friend who has a machine that accepts DDR2 memory. And guess what? Each memory stick (independently and combined in both slots) works perfectly in his computer.


So, this means I have two socket 775 mobos that say they are experiencing MEMORY errors at POST when, in fact the memory is working fine.


This leaves CPU or Power Supply or the new intel board I purchased is bad out of the box. This happened with an EVGA board so I am not ruling it out. I just don't think that it is plausible.


Any ideas on what could trigger the mobo to have a POST error that indicates a memory problem when the memory is working?


A few questions I have:

If the CPU is faulty on the intel board what would the POST error code be?

If the Pwr Supply (which is a Thermaltake Toughpower 750W unit that is only 2 yrs old) is bad then what POST errors would this throw out?


Thanks for your help.

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