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    Q45 express chipset driver install problem


      I'm trying to install the latest Intel accelerated graphics driver ( on a Viglen micro(one we aren't allowed to open!), the technician replaced the faulty hard drive so it's up to us to rebuild it.


      The VGA driver is the only one I am missing - so have tried the latest Intel download - but it seems to be missing the file igfxresn.lrc

      Whichever way I try to install it just gets stuck - clicking on the setup file it complains that the file is missing but lets you continue, but then sits on the install screen with the dots moving to show progress but it does nothing (left it overnight).


      After trying several different versions it has cleared the VGA driver question mark (driver missing error) but under the display adapters it has

      an (!) next to the second Q45 express chipset saying that the driver is not installed. When trying to update the driver it does not find a better match for the currently installed driver (which it says is not installed!).


      Any ideas?