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    DP55WB bios glitch: wrong wake reason reported


      The DP55WB board reports the wrong wake reason to Windows, it always lists the onboard Gigabit Network controller as the device that woke the system from sleep. Sleep/Wake is working fine otherwise, this is not a report about spurious wake ups. I just noticed that when I wake up my system in the morning with a key press on my keyboard, the Windows System log will (correctly) have an entry saying that the system was woken up, but that the reason was the network card (and not the keyboard, or the USB hub that the keyboard is connected to). On other computers (non-DP55WB) the wake reason is reported correctly. I am quite sure it is the BIOS (or in my case EFI) that reports the wake reason to Windows.


      Using latest BIOS 0165 (in EFI mode).

      Windows 7 x64.

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          I don't leave my computer on overnight so I can't be sure but could it be that updates are waking your system?  If so there should be another wake for when you start using the system, with a different report.

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            Thanks for your reply.


            Sometimes it does wake up overnight to do updates, and happily goes back to sleep after that. And this wake-up is reported in the system log. So far so good.


            It is just a glitch that the board reports the network card as the wake reason, whatever the actual reason is. For the overnight update it should have logged "task event timer" (or something like that). This works correctly on my other (non-DP55WB) computer, which nicely logs "timer", "USB-hub", "network card". The DP55WB just logs "network card" (whereas it actually was a timer event), "network card" (whereas is actually was a key pressed), and yes ... "network card" (which actually is correct for Wake On Lan). But that last one is of course analogous to a broken watch that actually tells the correct time twice a day.


            In effect, only the log entries are wrong (and the output of "POWERCFG /LASTWAKE). Otherwise sleep/wake works just fine. That's why I only rate this issue as a "glitch".

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              Well explained.  I don't know if these forums are checked by the tech staff since they have a separate forum for direct posts.  Like you say it is more of a glitch but something that should be corrected in the BIOS.  There must be a lot left out of the list of changes they provide.

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                Just to add exactly the same issue with DP55WG.  I needed to try and find out what was bringing system out of standby at random times and so looked at the power-troubleshooter and soon realised it always showed the network card as bringing the machine out of standby, even when for example I used the keyboad to turn it on.


                How do we let Intel know about this so we get a fix?





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                  I have switched back to monitor sleep or power off for the time being but still want more info.  My main problem was with the UPS.  32-bit Vista and a new UPS failed to record a 10-minute power outage but did provide nighttime alerts which were supposedly disabled.  The older UPS with 32-bit Vista recorded and worked properly.  With 64-bit I give up, either in Vista or Win 7 and new or old UPS software.  Whether or not you use a UPS, Intel and UPS manufacturers collaborate on these issues.  When I get more info on mixed hibernate/sleep mode I will investigate further.

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                    Update: glitch persists after BIOS update 0190

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                      I must conclude that you are correct that the glitch is specific to this board or its components, but don't know why.  My problems seem resolved using the Vista specific utility (whether changed or not) for the UPS.  I see different wake sources although testing times used show the system settings take priority over the UPS setting when they overlap.  Win 7 is set up differently.  I removed the 8600GT since it served little purpose.  The superfetch error message may have been erroneous, like the UPS communication, but some graphics issues did exist.